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Google and Sun in Collaborative Effort
Webmaster World

“Google’s CEO and Sun to Announce Partnership. Google to strike a direct blow into the heart of Microsoft’s profit and power base.”

MSN adCenter Pilot Program
Search Engine Watch Forums

“…MSN adCenter is sending out email invites to find participants for the pilot program.”

SEO For Multilingual, International & Dynamic Web Site
Search Engine Watch Forums

“SEO [search engine optimization” for a multilingual, multicountry web site can be tough enough — but what about one that’s dynamic as well? Tips and suggestions in this thread.”

Yahoo & Partners Plan Open Source Digital Library
Webmaster World

“Instead of showing websites, the engines can present truly authoritative information. This can potentially bump up against the traditional webmaster who is creating websites with the aim of selling something along with the information. Search engines can conceivably cut out the middleman (website operators) and show ads on the free information they display.”

Same Company, But Different Domain Names, So Yahoo Allows Duplicate Ads
Search Engine Watch Forums

“The same company isn’t supposed to be able to run multiple ads for the same term at Yahoo, but that’s apparently OK if a company has multiple ‘distinctive’ web sites. Fair? Come discuss.”

SEO “Expert” Hired By Client – Do I Give Ftp Access
High Rankings Forum

“…for various reasons, most of which I believe relates to the … Google sandbox, I have a situation where a client is being hounded by a specialist SEO firm to enhance SEO strategies. What do you recommend in relation to giving ftp access to this third party.”

“Bad” Keywords; Do They Damage My Campaigns?
Webmaster World

“…we do offer is a keyword tool which gives advertisers lists of keywords… I would strongly recommend against simply pasting the entire list into your Ad Group. In a very real way this is giving away some of your control over your ad’s performance, which is something that you want to control as closely as you possible.”

Yahoo Site Explorer Now Live!
Search Engine Watch Forums

“At last, Yahoo’s new tool to let you check on all your pages and all your links has gone live. What do you think?”

Dedicated Server: Separate IPs, One Box
High Rankings Forum

“…my experience is that separate IPs can be beneficial for SEO purposes, as well as other server purposes. In particular, different C-block IPs on different servers. My question is whether separate IPs on the same server would have the same effect. Anyone have any experience with this?”

Challenging Client
High Rankings Forum

“Document the changes in a non-threatening, non-confrontational way in your correspondence with them. Fulfill the terms of the contract and don’t take personal umbrage. Either they follow your suggestions (and that is all you are doing) or they don’t. That is their prerogative.”

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Yahoo’s Semel talks new, new media
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A Look at a Tool for Engineers: GlobalSpec
ResourceShelf Oct 6 2005 7:03PM GMT
No info no sales says research
Netimperative Oct 6 2005 7:01PM GMT
MSN adCenter Pilot Program Invites
Search Engine Round Table Oct 6 2005 6:59PM GMT
Three Out of Four Web Users Shop Online
Media Post Oct 6 2005 5:08PM GMT
Keyword Prices Trending Down
Media Post Oct 6 2005 5:07PM GMT
AOL snaps up blog publisher Weblogs
CNET Oct 6 2005 4:52PM GMT
Google Scholar Does Some Advertising
Search Engine Watch Oct 6 2005 4:51PM GMT
Google adds mapping to local offerings
CNET Oct 6 2005 3:46PM GMT
Site Targeting: Already Givin’ It Away
Traffick Oct 6 2005 12:37AM GMT
AdSense Payment System Problems
JenSense Oct 6 2005 12:31AM GMT
Net giants look for next ‘Star Wars’ kid
CNET Oct 6 2005 12:07AM GMT
Google: Fit for intelligence work?
Federal Computer Week Oct 5 2005 11:22PM GMT
Is Eric Schmidt still the grownup Google needs?
ZDNet Oct 5 2005 7:30PM GMT

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