Search Engine Forums Spotlight

Search Engine Forums Spotlight

Links to this week’s topics from search engine forums across the web.

Guaranteed Top Ranking
Webmaster World

“Can a SEO [search engine optimization” company boldly claim guaranteed top ranking in Google? What could be the reason of being so sure of this ‘guaranteed top ranking’?”

The Goal Is To Make Your Portal Profitable Forums

“I am fortunate enough to have a portal that is actually profitable. Hopefully, I will be able to continue to share my stories, the good and the bad, in order to spur your thinking and creativity so that, your portals support themselves. Even the hobby portals.”

Does Alt Tag Matter Any More?
High Rankings Forum

“… attributes that describe the page you’re clicking to, on a clickable image, does seem to count. It’s very similar to having a text link, which is as it should be.”

Trickiest Scumware I’ve Ever Seen
Webmaster World

“The Related Searches are just an experiment that we’re trying. There are pieces of scumware that attach a new frame to search engine results, and sometimes even try to look like the search engine that they’re emulating, but the Related Searches that Haymeadows noticed was from us. :)”

Crude Reverse Engineering of Google Algo
Best Practices Forums

“I realize the Google algo [algorithm” is likely very complex and nonlinear (“if this, then that”), but I’m just curious to see how high a multiple correlation can be gotten with a simple, crude approximation.”

What Would You Pay for a Link from a PR7 or a PR8?
Cre8asite Forums

“It would seem to me that at least some of the things I was saying back then, have stood the test of time, not to mention the wrath of Google. Mainly, that links ARE a currency and that anything of value is going to be capitalized on.”

Letter to a Friend
Best Practices Forums

“I’m an ODP editor/librarian, and after a friend of mine who does SEO consulting complained bitterly to me about the ODP, I sent her an email explaining my thoughts about the situation. She was extremely appreciative and encouraged me to share it with others…”

Search Engine Forums Spotlight courtesy Search Engine Guide.

SearchDay Week in Review

An Open Source Search Engine
SearchDay, Sept. 11, 2003

Nutch could rewrite the rules of search development — especially with an impressive roster of Internet luminaries now lining up behind it.

Behind the Scenes at the Daypop Search Engine, Part Three
SearchDay, Sept. 10, 2003

This concludes a three part interview with Dan Chan, founder and sole proprietor of Daypop, a specialized search engine focusing on weblog and news content.

Search Engine Birthdays
SearchDay, Sept. 9, 2003

Google is only five, and even online veterans like Yahoo and AltaVista are comparative toddlers. In fact, it’s only been a little more than ten years ago that the first web search engines were born.

Happy Birthday, Google!
SearchDay, Sept. 8, 2003

Five years ago, Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin incorporated their fledgling startup. The reason? So they could cash a $100,000 personal check that had been sitting in Page’s desk drawer for a couple of weeks.

Search Headlines

NOTE: Article links often change. In case of a bad link, use the publication’s search facility, which most have, and search for the headline.

Law seeks ‘deposit’ of web sites with UK libraries
The Register Sep 12 2003 1:09PM GMT
Advanced AltaVista Searching
About Web Search Sep 12 2003 11:50AM GMT
Tech millionaire runs, sort of Ask Jeeves co-creator is on ballot, but thinks recall a bad idea
San Francisco Chronicle Sep 12 2003 11:09AM GMT
File sharing must be made legal
Salon prem Sep 12 2003 10:05AM GMT
Googles AdSense online content ads put to a test Sep 12 2003 5:03AM GMT
Overture Services says new online content ad program key to its growth Sep 12 2003 5:03AM GMT
Overture Inks Homestore to Search, Contextual Ad Deal
AtNewYork Sep 11 2003 7:29PM GMT
AOL Adds Blogging-By-Phone
AtNewYork Sep 11 2003 7:29PM GMT
Verity Posts 7th-Consecutive Profitable Quarter
Yahoo Sep 11 2003 11:56AM GMT
UK unlikely to sue P2P file sharers after US backlash
New Media Age Sep 11 2003 10:59AM GMT
Reaching All the Search Engines
High Rankings Sep 11 2003 5:51AM GMT
Google to provide blogging for free
Washington Times Sep 11 2003 1:40AM GMT
PC World Launches Spam Watch
Technology Marketing Sep 10 2003 11:58PM GMT
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