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Its Official: Jeeves PPC
Search Engine Watch Forums

“I am actually excited to see how they roll this out. AJ [Ask Jeeves” is far from a copycat company, in my opinion. So lets see what unique ideas they bring to the PPC [pay per click” game.”

Yahoo Publisher Network Launches
Webmaster World

“They are accepting applications to become a possible beta tester (by invitation only). There is info about the beta test itself as well as applying for it here. It is US only though.”

Jupitermedia Sells Search Engine Watch & SES Shows
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Jupiter is moving to focus on its images business, hence our sale. It’s a plus for us, the SEW team, because we move to a company that wants to grow this side of the business. I, Chris, Gary and most of all to everyone here — Elisabeth — are moving over as part of this. I fully expect we’ll be operating just as before and hopefully just be getting better.”

Search Engines Really Are Different
Cre8asite Forums

“What stuck out for me was the point about the Google habit. By using it, and only it, for search results, the searcher is limiting their search. This study could return us to the days where we used many engines and compared results or maybe help promote the other search engines – even Yahoo – as being viable options once more.”

Has Googlebot Become Lethargic?
Webmaster World

“Based on just a cursory observation of a few rather unimportant pages on a couple of sites that are poorly linked internally, I’m starting to wonder how much usage data is having an influence.”

I’m Stuck With A Bad SEO Company, What To Do Now?
High Rankings Forum

“If you really feel like they’re not doing what they’re supposed to be doing, you should document it all in a long email to them and tell them that you are firing them. Then don’t pay any longer, and move on. It’s possible that they might sue you, but if you have good evidence documented, they probably won’t bother.”

Linking Your Site To Just A Few PR9 Related Sites?
High Rankings Forum

“We have a site (medical site). Would it benefit us to have a resource page and link to only 3-4 sites that are related to our field and are PR8+ like Medicare site and so on?”

How Best to Manage Visitors With Ad Blocking Turned On
Webmaster World

“Web sites that depend on advertising for revenue, like AdSense, seem to be at odds with freeloading surfers that use all the latest technology that blocks AdSense, affiliates and other ad technologies. …The technology isn’t that complicated to stop visitors with ad blockers from viewing the site…”

Indexing Summit 2: Give Your Feedback On Handling Redirects
Search Engine Watch Forums

“The goal is to get to an overall standard for all the major search engines to use. Your feedback for the summit is really helpful. How would you like to see things work? What unusual situations might come up that require special handling?”

Is Dogpile Attracting More Users?
Webmaster World

“I noticed a higher number of referrals from Dogpile than previously. Nothing has changed our end or in the results as far as we know but currently we are seeing an increase in traffic. Are more users switching over?”

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PPC Bid Inflation: Rational and Irrational Competition
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Few details in eBay’s plans
Industry Standard Aug 4 2005 7:11PM GMT
VirtualEarth helps you find your way
Knight-Ridder Tribune Aug 4 2005 7:09PM GMT
Mastering Google AdWords Marketing: Contextual Advertising – Part 1
Search Engine Guide Aug 4 2005 7:04PM GMT
Google to Test Longer Descriptions in AdWord Ads
Search Engine Round Table Aug 4 2005 6:46PM GMT
Mix RSS Feeds, Put Them on Your Site
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An In-Depth Look at Yahoo Audio Search
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Bridging the Google Ad Gap
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UK: Property search engine launches
Netimperative Aug 4 2005 6:16PM GMT
Yahoo Publisher Network: A One-Way Street?
Traffick Aug 4 2005 6:14PM GMT
Web Search Hits The Streets
Forbes Aug 4 2005 12:50PM GMT
MSN Virtual Earth Team Answers Questions and Announce New Site for Developers
Search Engine Watch Aug 4 2005 12:48PM GMT

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