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Advertisers Look Elsewhere as Search Engine Ad Space Dries Up
Webmaster World

“In general, when an industry is not mature you get extreme inefficiencies in the supply chain opening up opportunities for middle men like AdSense junkies and affiliates. As it matures, you get a tightening down of margins due to increased competition. The same will happen here, and the suppliers (search engines) will vertically integrate and edge out web masters to get a bigger piece of the pie.”

Change To Link Bomb Sign Of New Link Analysis Shift?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“That makes me think … Google’s trying some new link analysis changes in general. In fact, it seems like they might be leaning toward doing something that Brandt’s wanted, to not let link text count (or as much) unless the words are actually on the page.”

Forrester Gives Nod To Yahoo Search
High Rankings Forum

“…Yahoo Search and Google are at a draw personalization, presentation and quality of service are considered the big differentiators now, with the nod ultimately going to Yahoo Search.”

New Tool for Website Comparisons
Cre8asite Forums

“A new proxy scrapes three things with one click: Google’s PageRank, Alexa’s traffic rank & Yahoo’s external backlink count. Nonprofit and no ads.”

Click Through Popularity- Does It Exist?
High Rankings Forum

“I was reading a book by an SEO [search engine optimization” professional that defined the ‘popularity component’ of SEO as ‘link popularity’ + ‘click through/click popularity’. I understand the link popularity as the # of links and the quality of those sites you link from. What I don’t understand is this mention of ‘click through popularity’.”

Using Background Graphics to Hide Text

“It is much easier to just write good structured content that is helpful to the users. Heck, if it is written well enough, they might even buy something from your website!”

Google’s Toolbar
Cre8asite Forums

“Toolbars are a branding bonanza. Every installation of IE [Internet Exlporer” offers the opportunity to have a company’s logo visible whenever a user is browsing the web. That is a massive branding benefit, for a relatively trivial outlay. Branding is why so very many companies offer toolbars, many of whom have virtually no user tracking elements present, even as an option.”

Following the Ratings – Ask Jeeves Moving Up
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Isn’t it time Jeeves got some respect in the Internet world? Heck they are beating Amazon and Interactive Corp every week in the Nielsen home ratings.”

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