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SEW Expert - David Szetela David
Judging PPC Performance: Focus on Conversions
Knowing how and when to make decisions about your PPC campaign’s keyword and ad performance can make or break your campaign. Just remember that almost every action you take to improve your PPC ad campaign should be based on conversion data.
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SEW Expert - Chris Boggs Chris
Common Problems with 404 Error Pages
Misconfigured 404 error pages can affect your search engine rankings. The last thing you need in the Google index is an error page, but even worse are multiple URLs that were mistyped being returned as “OK.”
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SEW Expert - William Flaiz William
The Universal Mastery of Video Content
Video listings cause us to reexamine the way we’ve traditionally viewed search engines, and this is simply part of the natural progression. After all, it wasn’t too long ago when universal search rocked the world of SEO or social media changed how we use the Web.
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SEW Expert - Michael Boland Michael
When will ROBO’s Time Come?
“Research online, buy offline,” (ROBO) is the concept that a growing volume of product research is happening online while the majority of buying remains offline in physical stores. A growing number of local search engines are basing their business model on the concept. But why haven’t ROBO features picked up on a mass market level?
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News from the Search Engine Watch Blog

Yahoo’s Sue Decker Weighs In on the Defense of the Search Ad Deal with Google
Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 29, 2008

Yahoo President Sue Decker took to the Yahoo Anecdotal blog to defend the search advertising deal her company struck with Google a few months ago. Google has been doing the heavy lifting when it comes to defending the deal to the critics. So, it was about time we heard from Yahoo …
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93% of Americans Expect Companies to Have Social Media Presence
Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 29, 2008

A new study is showing that 93% of Americans expect companies to have a presence in social media. 85% say companies should interact with consumers via social media, according to the data released by Cone, Inc. Specifically, those surveyed believe: Companies should use social networks to solve my problems (43%)Companies should solicit …
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Google Wants Government on Its Client Roster
Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 29, 2008

Google has opened a new office in Reston, Virginia and staffed it with sales people tasked with getting their products used in the government. Their neighbors include widely known government contractors including Northrup Grumman and Raytheon. Their challenge is to convince government agencies to shift to a cloud computing method. Of …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Question about trademark keywords? Sep 29, 2008
Good morning All, Have a question it pertains to trademarks, my brother owns a bike shop and is looking to do some SEM marketing w/a local firm in Atlanta, we were told he needs to sign a keyword release form to use the terms related to Honda, Suzuki, etc. I am …
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Site Search Data: Extremely Valuable Sep 26, 2008
I was at dinner at a friend’s place yesterday evening. As I played bartender there was one of those entertainment-oriented shows on the kitchen television (A marvel in itself: a Manhattan apartment large enough to justify a kitchen TV). As I muddled the ingredients for a round of old-fashioned Old …
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Tracking conversions with AdWords: how does it count the conversion? Sep 25, 2008
Hi all, I’m looking for the answer on conversion tracking with the AdWords tool: What happens in following case: I search for “digital camera”, click on an ad, go to the website of brand A, but don’t convert. 2 days later, I search for “brand A”, click on an ad, and convert. Will Google AdWords …
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