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Google Considers European Retail Push
Webmaster World

“Google is attempting a significant push into the European retail industry with plans to launch a service aimed at giving traditional bricks-and-mortar retailers a base from which to market and sell their goods online.”

Using Link Farms as a Weapon?
Cre8asite Forums

“I’ve seen the results of a test, however, that showed it was virtually impossible to ‘bowl’ out a strong, trusted site from the search engine results pages. It’s the newbies that you can kill with nasty link tactics.”

Googlebot Called Me On My Timpani Live Help
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Moderator Chris Boggs has an issue with GoogleBot’s rudeness – engaging LIVE Chat while spidering and not answering! But it prompted some interesting responses from members here.”

What Do You Love About Google
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Danny’s posted a 25 things he loves about Google article. Contribute your own Google loves.”

What Do You Hate About Google?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Danny’s also posted the 25 things he hates about Google. Disagree with his picks? Got your own gripes? Add them here.”

How I Made a Million in 3 Months
Webmaster World

“Lots of hard work, and a billion+ pageviews :) I am without a doubt the top individual AdSense publisher in terms of pageviews. Me talking about how I did it won’t help you, but here is what I found you need to be successful in AdSense.”

What Is A “Poison Keyword?”
v7n Forum

“The analyzers give me a warning saying something like, Warning Poison keyword: Your page has the word ‘forum’ and this is a poison keyword.”

Is a Site’s Age a Factor?
Search Engine Forums

“Does anybody know whether or not a website’s age plays a role in it’s ranking? Like a few bonus points for seniority and surviving?”

SEM Salaries – What People Are Paying
Search Engine Watch Forums

“ClickZ columnist PJ Fusco puts out an SEM pay scale she’s assembled, sparking discussion if maybe salaries are actually higher or lower, especially based on country.”

Alexa Now Showing Other Sites Owned By Listed Domain
Webmaster World

“Alexa is now displaying other sites owned by the same person/company in the left column. While this is a nice feature for examining the competition, I’m not particularly happy about the competition learning my network of sites.”

Be Aware of these Cold Callin’ Slick Talkin’ SEO BSers
High Rankings Forum

“Nasty business – I just want to make sure everyone is aware of their tactics. (they seem to have a lot of clients – ugh – that they probably stole in this very manner after their sites were well ranked.)”

Why Such High Page Rank?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“As for Google’s reluctance to report backlinks, Danny, myself and several others here at Search Engine Watch took them to task and managed to convince them to at least stop lying about it. But they didn’t fix it – now they just admit it’s broken…”

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