SearchDay: Microsoft Withdraws Yahoo Offer; Yahoo Responds

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Microsoft Withdraws Yahoo Offer; Yahoo Responds
Posted by Kevin Heisler
Microsoft reportedly offered $33 a share, and Yahoo held fast at $37 a share. That was too rich for Steve Ballmer’s blood. The prospect of Yahoo outsourcing its paid search to Google was also too much for Ballmer to stomach. So Microsoft walked.
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Microhoo No More: What the Analysts are Saying
Posted by Nathania Johnson
Now that Microsoft finally withdrew their bid for Yahoo, there’s a lot of nervousness about what will become of the Sunnyvale search engine among anyone claiming to be an analyst.
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Yang’s Yahoo Answers “OK, so now what?”
Posted by Kevin Heisler
Yahoo must face the future with Microsoft at its doorstep and Google as the dominant search engine.
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Microsoft-Yahoo Mashup Scrapped: Hidden Winners and Losers
Posted by Greg Jarboe
With the Microsoft-Yahoo mashup scrapped (for now), who are the hidden winners and losers? Iâ””m not talking about the stockholders, advertisers, employees, CEOs, management teams, boards of directors or other stakeholders of Google, Yahoo or Microsoft. They are the obvious winners and losers.
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Cinco de Mayo: The 411 on 212 Interactive Cinco de Mayo Bash
Posted by Kevin Heisler
What is Cinco de Mayo? It’s the best reason to party (May 5th) at the Cinco de Mayo bash hosted by 212, NYC’s interactive advertising club.
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Lycos Cinema Expands, Adds Video on Demand
Posted by Nathania Johnson
Lycos Cinema has expanded to include Video on Demand with social interaction built into the viewer.
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New Board of Directors for the Web Analytics Association
Posted by Nathania Johnson
The Web Analytics Association has announced a new board of directors today at the eMetrics Summit.
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Iron Man: Ode to Gates and Ballmer?
Posted by Debby Richman
The movie defines Tony Stark as a precocious kid, by flashing an old photo of him with Bill Gates. Along with some additional life history, we learn that Iron Man is at the top of his technical game but has seen some better days. In Iron Man, the Microsoft parallels continue beyond this introduction.
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First Annual SES Awards for Best Search Engine Strategies
Posted by Kevin Heisler
In celebration of Search Engine Strategies’ 10-year anniversary, SES San Jose 2008 will host the first annual SES Awards ceremony.
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Yahoo Says Goodbye Microsoft, Hello AdWords?
Posted by abbottsys
Microsoft has given up its bid for Yahoo. So I assume this clears the way for a major ad distribution deal between Yahoo and Google, where Yahoo carries AdWords ads. Let’s see how fast this occurs.
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Non-SEO Ways to Increase Your Search Rankings
Posted by Robert_Charlton
This article really struck home, because it highlights one of the most frequent discussions I’ve been having with clients: that SEO cannot work in a vacuum.
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DMOZ links
Posted by CaseyC
Are links from DMOZ still a relevant link to have? I have always heard that they are, but recently someone told me that DMOZ and Yahoo Directory links are actually not all that valuable.
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