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Threats and Opportunities of Search Engine Marketing
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“Tell us what you see wrong today that can be easily corrected or will be a total challenge to correct. Point out important learnings from the past so that they will not be repeated in the future. Look at it from the user’s perspective, the marketers’ (online and offline) and the search engines‘ and directories’.”

90% of All Usability Testing is Useless…
Cre8asite Forums

“It does seem that a lot of things get left till the end. Usability, Accessibility, SEO [search engine optimization” in some cases. I think a lot of people get too caught up in the ‘lets make a website’ idea that they lose sight of what its trying to achieve or how to actually achieve its goals.”

Google Trademarks Targeted by Kids’ Site Googles
Best Practices Forums

“Their [” claim is, that they have tried to resolve this with Google for the past 6 years and cannot even get a dialog with them as apparently their requests to deal with this issue have fallen on deaf ears at”

How Do I Best “Direct” Adsense?
Webmaster World

“I was wondering if we could review the order / importance of steps to take to better target / direct / control your Adsense ads – sort of a best practice list.”

If You Could Spam the Search Engines & Never Be Caught…
High Rankings Forum

“No search engine would know, no competitor would no, heck even your client wouldn’t have to know. Would you do it?”

Yahoo searching tips & shortcuts
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Learn how to use Yahoo’s Shortcuts for easier information retrieval on common queries.”

Seth Godin Interrogates SEO
Cre8asite Forums

“It seems to me that Seth simply hasn’t done ‘due diligence’ on researching this particular topic. That may come back to haunt him. It only takes a couple of poorly researched articles to diminish a reputation.”

New Yahoo Beta Design
Webmaster World

“Lots of good things here to make finding info easier, including making the search results quicker to scan and easier to read. Also, you’ll notice the Search Views feature above the Search box, which should help folks focus their results from everything to image search to yellow pages.”

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How to Select a Search Marketing Partner

You know you need help with your search marketing efforts, but where to start? Should you outsource the job to a third party? Or should you hire an in-house expert to manage the process? In either case, how do you know how to select the right person or firm for the job?

I’ll be conducting a free webinar next week that explores the various options available for choosing a search marketing partner, including a how-to for creating a checklist of requirements that’s specific to your own needs.

This webinar is free to qualified attendees, and will last about 45-50 minutes. There will also be a Q & A session at the end of the presentations.

How to Select a Search Marketing Partner
Date: Wednesday, July 14, 2004
2:00pm EST, 11:00am PST

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Lycos strikes deal with EBay
M&M Europe reg Jul 9 2004 1:34PM GMT
Sina’s Lin Discusses Internet Usage Trends in China and Broadband Growth
Bloomberg Jul 9 2004 1:07PM GMT
Man Accused of AltaVista Theft Working on MSN Search?
ResearchBuzz Jul 9 2004 1:03PM GMT
W3 Data Acquires
ClickZ Today Jul 9 2004 12:46PM GMT
Get results from internet marketing Jul 9 2004 11:31AM GMT
Local and Regional Search: A Primer
ClickZ Today Jul 9 2004 4:36AM GMT
What Should Yahoo Do?
ClickZ Today Jul 9 2004 3:59AM GMT
Google’s Dave Girouard on the Future of Enterprise Search
Mac News World Jul 9 2004 1:44AM GMT
Building Your Business With Google for Dummies
ResearchBuzz Jul 8 2004 11:13PM GMT
Google Warns Potential Investors
ResearchBuzz Jul 8 2004 11:12PM GMT
Yahoo Photos offers unlimited storage Jul 8 2004 9:52PM GMT
Are investors a bunch of Yahoos?
CNN Money Jul 8 2004 7:20PM GMT
Paid search feels growing pains
CNET Jul 8 2004 6:02PM GMT Adds Charles Rothstein To Board
Media Post Jul 8 2004 5:14PM GMT

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