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SEW Expert - Eric Enge Eric
SEO Challenges of Restructuring a Site
It’s one thing to make simple changes, where a page on the new site corresponds exactly to every page on your old site. But it’s much tougher when you’re making more fundamental changes to the layout, organization, and content of your site.
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SEW Expert - Erik Qualman Erik
15 Social Media Maxims for Marketers
With social media moving so quickly, how can companies and marketers stand a chance at keeping up with it all? First, admit that you can’t keep up. Then, consider these fundamental principles to help you keep your sanity and reap a healthy return.
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SEW Expert - Ron Jones Ron
Video Search 101, Part 1
With Internet video on the rise and the search engines looking more favorably on video content, there’s an opportunity to leverage this medium for your SEO efforts. We’ll focus on five steps for optimizing for video search, many which run parallel to traditional SEO best practices.
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Google Maps Launches New Local Business Center Dashboard
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 2, 2009

You know that online maps and local listings can drive searchers to your business, but they don’t always visit your website. All the web analytics in the world can’t track that. Google Maps is making it easier by launching a new dashboard in their Local Business Center. The dashboard can help …
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Twitter’s Glass Ceilings and Its 90/10 Problem
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 2, 2009

New Twitter stats from the Harvard Business School reveal interesting demographics surrounding the popular social chat network. Unlike other social networks, it’s very male-centric and it’s more like Wikipedia than Facebook. Let’s dive into the data. Men are more likely to follow men and have reciprocal relationships. Women are also more …
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In Today’s Global Recession, Flat Is The New Up
Posted by Greg Jarboe Jun 2, 2009

A bunch of us SES conference speakers happen to be in Washington, D.C., this week speaking at the Specialized Information Publishers Association (SIPA) conference. This includes Matt Bailey, President of SiteLogic, Bill Barnes, Co-founder and Executive Vice President of Enquiro Search Solutions Inc., Nan Dawkins, Founder and CEO of …
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Minutes Online: Facebook, Tagged and Twitter Soars While MySpace Struggles
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 2, 2009

Nielsen Online has released new data showing minutes spent on social networks for the month of April 2009. Compared to April 2008, most of the top 10 social networks are seeing skyrocketing growth while MySpace sees a decline. The news is not all bad for MySpace. Video is its silver lining. …
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iPhone Safari Browser to Integrate Geolocation
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 2, 2009

Computerworld (CW) has the goods on news involving the mobile Safari browser that Apple includes on the iPhone prepping to include geolocation. This means you won’t have to type in your zip code or hopefully not have to be asked a million times if an app can use your location. But …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Will Bing,com be your next Search Engine? May 29, 2009
Microsoft launches as its new search engine and states that new search engine has a number of innovative features. It is expected as to see some changes in search industry and it’s for sure competing with Google is almost impossible in the short term :cool: More about bing …
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Google Suggest – I’m actually using it..who would have thought? Jun 1, 2009
I must say I was rather skeptical about the suggest feature when it was implemented. However, I’ve actually started to use it and it has made searching easier for me. What I like best about it, though, is this: I just typed in “sales skills” (blame my curiosity ;)) and google suggested to …
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PR Update? May 30, 2009
Is google running a PR update? My main site stayed with a PR5, but blog went from PR3 to a PR2. And another site went from 0 to 1. Anybody else seeing PR changes on their sites?
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