Hanging Out with the Search Gurus at the FreePint Bar

Stumped by a tough web search question? Want some help from some of the world’s best information professionals? Then sidle on up to the FreePint Bar.

FreePint is the must-read newsletter for information researchers published by William Hann and colleagues. The free publication is published “fortnightly” and features a wide range of articles, how-to’s and valuable insights for anyone who spends a lot of time searching the web.

The FreePint Bar is a discussion board specifically designed to bring together FreePint contributors and readers to tackle tricky or challenging questions. It’s an excellent venue for seeking help for those particularly vexing questions that seem to defy straightforward answers.

It’s also an excellent way to observe the methods and thought processes of some of the world’s foremost search experts. Contributors to the Bar are generous with both their time and their expertise, sharing not only end results, but tips and techniques that they use to ferret out information.

Though the forum is primarily intended for serious questions, topics range all over the map. Recent discussions have focused on a world war II shipwreck, supermarket industry statistics, help identifying a quotation, and many other varied topics.

Even better, you can search the archives of the Bar’s more than 22,000 postings. This is a gold mine of highly concentrated, incredibly useful information for searchers.

Alternately, you can quickly scan recent topics with the bar browser, which also categorizes each posting. There are also numerous ways to customize your experience by setting your own FreePint Bar preferences.

The FreePint Bar is free to members. To sign up, simply provide your name, email address and location. While you’re at it, be sure to check out some of the other great resources provided, like the FreePint Portal, with links to all FreePint content by topic, the Bookshelf, featuring reviews of information oriented publications, and DigBig, a nifty free utility that shortens long URLs.

Search Headlines

NOTE: Article links often change. In case of a bad link, use the publication’s search facility, which most have, and search for the headline.

The Missing Keyword Of Search Engine Marketing: Multimedia
Media Post Nov 17 2003 12:28PM GMT
Yahoo back in X-rated business
San Francisco Chronicle Nov 17 2003 11:19AM GMT
Yahoo moves to block pop-ups
Silicon.com Nov 17 2003 8:45AM GMT
Gates: We never talked to Google
USA Today Nov 17 2003 7:33AM GMT
Garage Gadget Wins Digital Copyright Case
San Jose Mercury News Nov 16 2003 10:27PM GMT
Google puts coders to the test
San Jose Mercury News Nov 15 2003 11:36AM GMT
Court rules in favor of ICANN
CNET Nov 15 2003 0:45AM GMT
Web-surfing Buddhist monks search for truth
Korea Herald Nov 14 2003 2:50PM GMT
Old people like the internet
Silicon.com Nov 14 2003 1:45PM GMT
Study claims online job search sites may violate privacy laws
U-Wire.com Nov 14 2003 11:27AM GMT
Ad Groups Urge Congress To Pass Anti-Spam Law
AtNewYork Nov 14 2003 9:12AM GMT
Google AdSense Troubleshooting And Optimization: Best Real-World Tips
MasterNewMedia.org Nov 14 2003 1:15AM GMT
MSN to Display Overture Listings Through 2005
About Web Search Nov 13 2003 6:44PM GMT
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