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Ask Jeeves Acquires Bloglines
Search Engine Watch Forums

“…this is a big move for Jeeves. They have been hanging with the pack in terms of innovation, but this move can actually give them a competitive edge – and market share – in a hugely important growth area.”

Bored With SEO
High Rankings Forum

“I am amazed at the number of people I have talked to in the last 6 months or so who have said they are losing interest in SEO [Search Engine Optimization”. Why is that?”

GoogleFox or FireBot?
Webmaster World

“Ultimately, what Google is building is a leading edge insight into the human experience of Cyberspace. No one else can compare to the mass of data Google has available for synthesis. Q: One share of Google stock? A: $204 today. Q: Knowing how, when, where, and why people surf? A: Priceless.”

Links Can Now Penalise?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Is there an argument to be made that Google has assigned some form of negative value to links?”

The Case of Google and the Disappearing Employee
Webmaster World

“Yeah…that’s definitely someone I’d trust to have on my staff….every piece of dirty laundry in jeopardy. His best bet is to find some obscure company that (hopefully) hasn’t gotten wind of his big mouth. Other than that….I hear a career in fast food can be very rewarding.”

Does Yahoo Sandbox?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“…the sandboxing that exists is strictly a Google phenomenon and has nothing to do with Yahoo. With Yahoo and other engines it’s simply a matter of their crawling and updating schedules and frequencies so it takes a little while to see.”

Term Weight Formula
High Rankings Forum

“If you don’t know how different types of hits (heading, bold, hyperlink, etc.) are weighted in the algorithm then you don’t know what you’ve really got there anyway. Since this part of the algorithm may very well be query-dependent, you may as well rely on averages as any other guess.”

Little by Little or All at Once?
Small Business Ideas Forum

“I know I’ve got to update my web site. And, that the update will be extensive. So, do I make small changes over a period of many weeks or do I do one massive change overnight?”

New Google Maps
High Rankings Forum

“That they figured out how to encompass so many different ways of mapping something and make it so effortless is amazing.”

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eBay: Key word pricing ‘a little wild’
CNN Money Feb 11 2005 2:23AM GMT
U.S. court to reconsider Yahoo appeal in Nazi row
Reuters UK Feb 11 2005 2:18AM GMT
Click fraud looms as threat to search engine advertising growth
AP Feb 11 2005 2:14AM GMT
MSN Draws Its Sword In Search Battle With Google
Ad Week Feb 11 2005 2:11AM GMT
Fledgling Aussie search engine eyeing growth
ZDNet Australia Feb 11 2005 2:05AM GMT
Google Donating Bandwidth and Servers to Wikipedia
Slashdot Feb 11 2005 1:54AM GMT
Newspapers try to catch RSS Web surfing wave
Yahoo Feb 11 2005 12:24AM GMT
Google slips as insiders unload shares Feb 10 2005 9:57PM GMT
Google search: Indian whiz kids
Financial Express Feb 10 2005 9:10PM GMT
Review: Google Online Maps Need Work
Miami Herald reg Feb 10 2005 9:05PM GMT
Yahoo Toolbar For Firefox Feb 10 2005 5:52PM GMT
Booted Google blogger writes again
CBS Marketwatch Feb 10 2005 5:49PM GMT
CNET to Launch Web-Based RSS Reader
MicroPersuasion Feb 10 2005 5:46PM GMT Enters Mobile Search Space
Search Engine Watch Feb 10 2005 5:46PM GMT

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