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Yahoo and eBay Partner
Webmaster World

“The agreement consists of four major components in the areas of search and graphical advertising, online payments, a co-branded toolbar, and the opportunity to explore ‘click-to-call’ functionality.”

Google Sends Out Class Action Settlement Info — Do It Or Not?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Google’s now sent info out about a proposed settlement to a class action case over click fraud. Members and others are visiting to get the details. How say you? Going to settle for what’s offered?”

Larry Page Sets Out His Vision
Webmaster World

“The answer – artificial intelligence – with search engines so powerful they would understand ‘everything in the world.’ It’s the dream of Larry Page – one of Google’s founders and now a multi-billionaire.”

Google’s Weaknesses
V7N Forums

“If somebody were to launch a search engine to compete with Google, what weaknesses of Google’s do you think could be exploited?”

AdSense Ads with Phone # In Them
Webmaster World

“I don’t think I would call a phone number just from seeing a few words of text before it. However, it would help that particular ad to stand out from ads that didn’t have numbers as possibly a company that is more reliable with phone support if necessary.”

Google Co-op – Search Just Became ‘Search 2.0’
Webmaster World

“Could this throw a major spanner in the works for traditional SEO?”
High Rankings Forum

“… it’s worth checking out, seems to run really slow but it’s nice to see something different in the world of search. I really like their tag line too, ‘The other way to search.'”

Opting Out Of Open Directory Listings At MSN
High Rankings Forum

“MSN is doing what Google should have done a long time ago and have instituted a meta tag to opt out of them using the ODP description for your MSN description!”

Google’s site: Query Gives Wrong Results for Hyphenated Domains
Webmaster World

“Google’s report: ‘We’ve had some issues with our ‘site:’ operator not returning appropriate results when used with hyphenated domains… so it’s quite likely that much of the falloff you’ve seen is thankfully illusory. We’ve noted similar discrepancies with site: searches using domains with a trailing slash as well.'”

Google’s Definition of “Relevant Linking”
Search Engine Watch Forums

“One member is confused and concerned over Matt Cutts’ recent statements on relevant links.”

Say Bye-bye to Rankings and Hello to SEO Success!
Small Business Ideas Forum

“Conversions really are more important than the traffic itself. While it would certainly be nice to show up #1 for my favorite keyword it’s completely meaningless if none of the people who see my link click on it or if those that do fail to convert on my site once they get there.”

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Welcome To The Search Marketing Sweat Shop
Media Post May 26 2006 4:00PM GMT
Your SEO Service, Ethical SEO, and Competitor Monitoring
Search Engine Guide May 25 2006 11:32PM GMT
Dell to offer Google software on PCs
Financial Times prem May 25 2006 11:17PM GMT
Microsoft Signs on With infoUSA to Boost Biz Search
CIO May 25 2006 10:35PM GMT
Yahoo-eBay deal a Google buster?
ZDNet May 25 2006 9:38PM GMT
400m internet users. But how to reach them?
Financial Times May 25 2006 6:49PM GMT
Report: Dell to preinstall Google software on new PCs
CNET May 25 2006 6:47PM GMT
Yahoo, eBay hear opportunity calling
MarketWatch May 25 2006 6:44PM GMT
Marketers’ stealth on web will not pay for long
Financial Times prem May 25 2006 6:42PM GMT

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