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O’Reilly In Off-Topic Link Selling Debate
Search Engine Watch Forums

“The problem with search engines is that they are topic and page-centric, but marketers are audience-centric. At the end of the day, it’s the audience that truly matters.”

Deciphering Matt Cutts
High Rankings Forum

“For some (important) sites… if they find a URL with something that looks like a session ID variable, they might try fetching the URL without that variable, to see if they get the same content, and can safely surf the site without that variable.”

Google Talk Instant Messaging
Webmaster World

“It seems to me that Google are battling for desktop space here. The internet is getting ever closer to the desktop, and the desktop is where you need your ads.”

Google Launches Enhanced Desktop Software
Webmaster World

“Google Inc. unveils a computer and Web search tool on Monday using self-updating navigation and personal information software that puts it in more direct competition with Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL.”

Where Did They Go And Why?
High Rankings Forum

“When I see that a directory is an ODP [Open Directory Project” clone, of course I don’t submit to it, but if they seeded the directory with ODP data and then started adding new material on their own, I’ve never considered that a problem.”

Code Without Messing Up Impressions?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“What some people do for dev work is place an image the same size as the ad unit as a placeholder, then swap out the placeholder for the AdSense code at the end.”

MSN Search Toolbar Anyone?
Cre8asite Forums

“We’ve heard enough debate about installing/not installing the Google Toolbar. What about the MSN one. Has anyone given it a go. How did you find it?”

Strategies for Taking Advantage of New AdWords System
Webmaster World

“With every new AdWords change, there are always new strategies that evolve to take advantage of the system changes. This thread is specifically for strategies for the new min cpc [cost per click” system…”

Registering Domains To Avoid The Sandbox
High Rankings Forum

“…my company is considering purchasing a number of generic domain names (about 50!) eg. ‘ourbusiness1’, ‘ourbusiness2’, etc. The idea is that we then put up a simple holding page so that when we get a new client they can have one of these domains.”

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Interview: SideStep’s Phil Carpenter Aug 25 2005 4:55PM GMT
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Electronic Commerce Guide Aug 25 2005 4:52PM GMT
The Upside of Copyright Infringment
Search Engine Guide Aug 25 2005 4:51PM GMT
From search engine to telephony giant: Google throws down gauntlet to Microsoft
CNET Aug 25 2005 4:19PM GMT
More SMS Services Coming from Google
Search Engine Watch Aug 25 2005 4:11PM GMT
Web Analytics Special Report: Analytics Reveal Hidden Value in Campaigns Aug 25 2005 2:43PM GMT
Google sued over porn images Aug 25 2005 1:49PM GMT
Google prompts Skype to hustle
International Herald Tribune Aug 25 2005 1:43PM GMT
Guiding Google’s spiders Aug 25 2005 12:25PM GMT
Letters: Persuading big brands to seek out search
New Media Age Aug 25 2005 11:09AM GMT
Google Gets Better. What’s Up With That?
New York Times Aug 25 2005 4:02AM GMT
Battle for Search Share in Lower Tier
Internet News Aug 25 2005 1:20AM GMT
How To Protect Yourself Against Domain Name Hijackers
Information Week Aug 24 2005 10:34PM GMT
NetSol Taking .eu Pre-Registrations
Web Host Industry Review Aug 24 2005 8:36PM GMT
Expired Domains Search Engine Launches
Cheap Hosting Directory Aug 24 2005 2:05PM GMT

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