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SEW Expert - Liana Evans Liana

Can Social Media Be Measured?
There’s a lot of debate around whether social media marketing can be measured. There’s also a cauldron of bubbling issues around exactly what companies should measure when it comes to social media marketing.
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SEW Expert - Ron Jones Ron

Google Analytics 101, Part 2
Besides tracking visitors to your site from other web sites, Google Analytics can also help you measure social media traffic, phone conversions, and AdWords traffic.
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SEW Expert - Chris Boggs Chris

Common SEO Problems of E-commerce Sites
All sites must address technical infrastructure, content and linking strategies. For large e-commerce sites, some problems in these areas are magnified due to the size and complexity of their sites.
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Microsoft Lobbyists Meet to Thwart Google; Politics as Usual Ensues
Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 1, 2009

Daily Finance, an AOL site, is reporting that Microsoft’s lobbyists hold weekly meetings where the discussion revolves around taking on Google. In attendance are consultants and others who oppose Google. The meetings have become known as “screw Google” meetings by DC insiders. I used to work in politics. I used …
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Proposed Bill to Give White House Authority to Control Internet in Emergency
Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 1, 2009

A proposed Bill in the U.S. Senate would give the White House control of the internet in the case of emergency. The bill, S.773 introduced by Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) and Sen. Olympia Snow (R-ME) is pretty vague, which is alarming to internet companies and civil rights groups alike. According to …
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Facebook to Update Privacy Practices in Response to Privacy Commissioner of Canada
Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 1, 2009

Facebook has been working with the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada to come up with solutions to concerns that the office has. The updates will take up to 12 months to implement and involve three types of adjustments. New Notifications Facebook will work to encourage users to review their …
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Bing Offers Up Image Optimization Tips
Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 1, 2009

Over on the Bing blog, Todd Schwartz is offering up some tips on optimizing your photos and graphics for image search. Schwartz says that Bing’s top image developer recommends the following: Name image files appropriately – For improved relevance, make sure that the file name describes the image appropriately. Alternative image text …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Google not showing all 10 SearchResults Aug 31, 2009
Has anyone noticed recently that google is only showing 8-9 actual search results for some keywords? I have seen this several times lately. It is like they have started to count Video Results and Shopping Results as part of the normal Web Results. Does anyone know if …
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Google Indexed pages fluxuating wildly Aug 26, 2009
I have been logging my new site since it launched. The pages indexed by google ( not the webmaster count) has been fluxuating. It started out with a decent # 5-7,000. Since then it has dropped to 5,000 / 3,000 / back to 5,500 / and now it is at …
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Yahoo Directory – what’s in store Aug 22, 2009
With my directory listing coming up for renewal, at this point in the company’s transition, I am debating on what advantages there might be for listings in the coming year. Isn’t Yahoo pulling from Bing now? Even though they weren’t giving much if any priority to Directory sites in their own …
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