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Patent Problems Prompting Google Changes?

“With that patent in existence, Google cannot IPO unless ownership of it is either explicitly and fully transferred to them, they cut a deal for profit sharing with Stanford, or until their organic search is rewritten in such a way that Google can exist separately from that patent.”

Alexa Rankings… How to Bring It Down Legitimately
Webmaster World

“All you can do is increase traffic. Any ranking above about 8-10k can safely be ignored. Once into that territory, it is pretty hard to influence (believe, I’ve studied this in depth, and I can’t see a way to influence it other than by traffic.)”

Incoming Links from Client Sites
Cre8asite Forums

“…this isn’t saying we need to discard the idea of having links on client sites. Rather, we need to make the relevance more implicit. The simplest way of attaining this would be to change the way these links are worded.”

Self-appointed SEO [Search Engine Optimization” Expert Has An Opinion
High Rankings Forum

“This report contains my speculation about the recent Google update. I am not responsible for what you do with it. I don’t have any inside information from the Googleplex. I do have friends at Stanford who wish they worked at Google. I think I am probably right, but I am willing to be wrong.”

IPO: Google Selects Bankers
Best Practices Forums

“If Google was a non-profit organization that switched tracks, only then would all this talk be relevant. Brin and Page founded Google as a company with the intention to profit. Why must they be denied the IPO route?”

Are you satisfied with your PPC Marketing?
Cre8asite Forums

“…is your site usable, and good at converting visitors into customers? Many times, a site is confusing, poorly laid out without clear calls to action. Sometimes, it isn’t the PPC campaign that fails, but the site that traffic ends up on.”

Can You Get TOO Usable? (Of Blinders and Peanut Jars)
Cre8asite Forums

“Is there a time or a set of circumstances when you are better served by putting a link or a button in the ‘wrong’ place just so the user has to look around for a minute – and maybe spot something else that they never knew was there?”

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SearchDay Week in Review

Local Search: The Hybrid Future
SearchDay, Jan. 8, 2004

Last year at this time there was really no such thing as ‘local search.’ Fast forward twelve months and local is one of the hottest topics in search.

2003’s Most Wanted Search Terms
SearchDay, Jan. 7, 2004

The most popular search terms of the past year reveal as much about the interests of searchers as they do about the perceived ‘personalities’ of the major search engines.

Super Searchers on Madison Avenue
SearchDay, Jan. 6, 2004

In the high pressure world of advertising, researchers need to be both good and fast. In the most recent addition to the Super Searcher series, some of Madison Avenue’s best information sleuths share their secrets.

Search Engine Milestones for December 2003
SearchDay, Jan. 5, 2004

Notable news and announcements from the web search world during the past month.

Search Headlines

Tech latest
MS (nearly) ditches the PC religion with home net plans… Jan 9 2004 2:26PM GMT
Online marketing news
Spam and virus techniques overlap…
Personal Computer World Jan 9 2004 12:40PM GMT
Top internet stories
Verizon Plans Fast Internet for Cellphones…
New York Times Jan 9 2004 5:52AM GMT
Domain name news
VeriSign reports transaction volume rose 40% in 2003 over previous year… Jan 9 2004 0:29AM GMT
Online portals news
MSN to include eBay personalized data…
CNET Jan 8 2004 11:28PM GMT
Internet features
Top Internet Trends for 2004…
WebTalk Radio Jan 8 2004 8:51PM GMT
Online portals news
AOL launches Netscape ISP…
CNET Jan 8 2004 1:29PM GMT
Online marketing news
Mailblocks Offers Free Challenge-Response Web E-Mail… Jan 8 2004 6:36AM GMT
Online search engines news
Selecting a Search Tool for Your Web Browser…
New York Times Jan 8 2004 5:49AM GMT
What is SEO? How To Prosper With the New Google…
High Rankings Jan 8 2004 3:59AM GMT
XML and metadata news
From Word to XML…
XML Jan 8 2004 1:45AM GMT
Online legal issues news
New Spam Law Has Little Initial Impact -‘Net Providers…
Boston Globe Jan 8 2004 0:53AM GMT
Online search engines news
Want a Piece of Google?…
Motley Fool Jan 7 2004 8:28PM GMT
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