Search Engine Forums Spotlight Chief Berkowitz Heads To MSN
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Big shake-up in the search space. Steve Berkowitz, who runs, is heading to MSN.”

Google POPS off
Search Engine Watch Forums

“I agree that the ABUSIVE use of pops are destructive to the user experience, but when they are used with care they can be an effective way to increase conversions. Since Google is reviewing the ads well enough to determine if a pop is present, shouldn’t they perhaps evaluate if the pop is being used in a legitimate way?”

With Google’s New Big Daddy Index, Crawling is Changing
Webmaster World

“Matt Cutts confirmed at Boston PubCon that Google with radically change the process used to spider pages. Caching will be implemented on the spider and thus reducing the requests that Googlebot will be required to make of a page.”

Google’s Treatment of Subpages
V7N Forum

“I don’t think big daddy is ready to take its training wheels off yet. It’s really wreaking havoc on one of my larger websites caching for example 3 million pages of search results. It’s going to take some time to get it stabilized I believe.”

Generally, Has the Relevancy of Google Search Results Improved?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“In your experience, has the relevancy of Google search results improved, declined, or remained about the same over the past two years?”

‘Google Certified Domain Change’ – just an idea
Webmaster World

“Proposal: To create some kind of ‘certified domain change’ service. Companies who really must rebrand, or who purchase a more desirable domain name for some other reason, have some recourse with Google other than getting buried in the SERPs [search engine results pages” and taking a financial hit.”

Are ALT Tags Back?
Small Business Ideas Forum

“I thought ALT tags were all but ignored these days so I had not been making a big deal about writing ALT tags when I wrote copy for my clients. Have they grown in relevance again or do you think this quick increase in rank might be due to the fact that the term I chose is so-so in competitiveness?”

Changing Dynamic URLs to Static URLs
Webmaster World

“A beginners guide to Search engine-friendly links with mod_rewrite.”

BabelFish Re-launches as Yahoo BabelFish
Webmaster World

“If you don’t know Babel Fish (who doesn’t), it’s a free translation tool for text and web pages for up to 38 language pairs, such as English => Korean, Dutch => French, and Greek => English. There are some new features added that are worth mentioning…”

Any Way to Unindex Older Non existent pages?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“The idea of giving away any potential PR [PageRank” or even links to your site is one I have a hard time doing. If they are not what the new site is about why not land them to a page that explains what changes have happened at the site – that way the people who have the inbound links can choose and the visitors can learn what has changed at the site without having to put the information on the homepage.”

Search Engine Forums Spotlight courtesy Search Engine Guide.

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