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SEW Expert - Frank Watson Frank

Ready or Not: Here Comes the New AdWords Interface
My biggest complaint is that Google didn’t use much of a transition. No doubt they launched it in beta to get the bugs out, but they should have done more marketing to their core constituency to make them aware of the impending change.
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SEW Expert - Joshua Palau Joshua

Checking in on 2009 Search Shifts & Predictions
In the online world, we tend to make predictions and never really look back. Today, we’ll buck that trend and look at some of this year’s predictions, five months later.
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SEW Expert - Sage Lewis Sage

The Best Links Come from Knowing Thy Self
Think about what you love and then see how you might be able to create some content that would be of interest to the people in that community. Love is the secret ingredient to link building.
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Bing Steals Market Share from Google in First Week
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 5, 2009

Early stats from Statcounter show Bing taking off in a big way in the United States. As of yesterday, Bing was at 16.28% marketshare while Yahoo! hung out at 10.22% marketshare. Meanwhile, Google’s market share has dropped about 6 points from 78.07% to 71.99%. Of course, Bing has only been live since …
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152 Million U.S. Internet Users Watched 16.8 Billion Online Videos in April
Posted by Greg Jarboe Jun 5, 2009

comScore has just released April 2009 data from the comScore Video Metrix service, which shows that nearly 152 million U.S. Internet users watched 16.8 billion online videos during the month, representing an increase of 16 percent over March. This means 78.6 percent of the total U.S. Internet audience viewed …
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More Google Updates Than You Can Shake a Stick At
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 5, 2009

I don’t know if Google is trying to distract you from Bing’s launch or if it’s just that they’re just this huge of a company (or more likely both), but they’ve released a ton of updates on many of their products this week. Today alone, there are 11 updates. Normally, …
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Microsoft Debuts New Bing TV Ads; Begins Multi-Channel Promotion
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 5, 2009

Last night, those of you tolerating watching ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ were shown the very first broadcast of the new Microsoft television advertising campaign promoting Bing. If you missed it, Bing has a YouTube channel (yes, I know! a YouTube channel! from Microsoft!). Here’s one of the new …
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Q&A with Miriam Warren, Director of Marketing at Yelp
Posted by Andrew Goodman Jun 5, 2009

Miriam Warren of Yelp is speaking at SES Toronto on June 9, on the panel “Follow the Carrot: Cool Mobile Apps” in the Geek Track. Miriam is director of marketing for Yelp, and is based in New York. She was gracious enough to respond to my detailed questions. I have to …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Correcting Information Returned By Bing? Jun 5, 2009
When you search for my company’s name [Dirt Cheap Widgets” you get an extended “Best Match” with about 8 links to pages from our navigation menu, which is great. The problem is directly under that is this: “Customer Service 877-###-####” – but the number given is our sales-only (non-CS) line. We do …
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Possible *NEW* Beta Feature GOOGLE – New Tool – “Bid Simulator” in GOOGLE old UI. Jun 4, 2009
Accidently discovered this today, Google “Bid Simulator”: It only appears in one of our Accounts on our MCC. So I am assuming we’ve been opted in a BETA Test. Here are the details: What is the Bid Simulator, and how does it work? ( Searchengineman Image:
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A question about index Jun 5, 2009
Now, i have a question about google indexed my site,you know my site is a b2c website,and when we add any products,we will submit it to some bookmarks later,but i found not all indexed in google,what the factors?I do not know,anybody can tell me? Thanks.
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