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Secrets of Revealed?

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“I can already see this story light up all search industry media like a Christmas tree.”

Q&A Session With Jim Lanzone, VP of Ask Jeeves

Cre8asite Forums
“…I disagree that a multi-brand strategy means lack of focus for a company and inherently causes confusion for consumers. A multi-brand strategy can be an asset if operated the right way: unique value propositions and unique targets. It can be a strength precisely because you aren’t restricted, in consumers minds, by the meaning of a single brand, so the individual brands can become stronger in their markets.”

Rant About ODP Bashing

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“I am sick and tired of all the ODP bashing I’ve seen going on in SEO [search engine optimization” forums for years. I have had it with what’s become a fun ‘sport’ of throwing daggers at a group of people just because they have *editor* attached to their name.”

What Should Google Do About PageRank In The Toolbar?

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“Well, it would be nice if it were an accurate measure of anything but since its not, burn it. Even if it was accurate I say burn it, but I think its just too good of a way to keep people Google-centric.”

SEO in 10 Easy Steps

Cre8asite Forums
“Understand the business objectives of the site owner. This includes getting a grasp of what they want their web site to accomplish – sales of products, leads generated, and so on. It also includes getting a good sense of whom they believe their targeted audience is, what their unique selling proposition is, what type of impression they are trying to make upon their audience, and so on.”

Positioning With CSS For Rankings

High Rankings Forum
“CSS [cascading style sheets” won’t affect rankings. It’s purpose is presentation, not content, and search engines look at content.”

Jeeves Showing AdWords Ads on BitTorrent

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“Ask Jeeves is serving as a middleman to put Google ads on the new controversial BitTorrent search site, which allows people to easily find pirated movies. Should Ask be backing this? Is Google facing issues, in letting ads be resold this way?”

Framesets – The Kiss of Death

Webmaster World “Want to kill your online business? Move into a framed environment and then force popups on your users. On top of that, tell your client that their users will now have to upgrade to the latest version of IE to view the site properly.”

Links, Load of BS?

Search Engine Watch Forums
“In many cases any question on Google ranking elicits the knee-jerk answer of ‘more links/anchor text’ with no suggestion that on-page factors may be woefully inadequate.”

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