The Week in Review – May 24, 2001

SearchDay #14, May 24 – Search Engine Scuttlebutt
What’s going on over at AltaVista? Is HotBot’s add URL function dead? How does Yahoo’s search algorithm work? These are just a few of the topics of discussion going on at the Search Engine Forums site — a great place to follow the scuttlebutt attending your favorite web search tools.

SearchDay #13, May 23 – Fine Art, Fine ADAM
ADAM is a searchable catalog of more than 2,500 top-notch fine art net resources that have been carefully selected and and cataloged with extensive use of Dublin Core metadata, resulting in spot-on searches virtually every time.

SearchDay #12, May 22 – Closer, Closer, Closer
Both phrase searching and the NEAR operator offer simple but effective ways to take more control over your search.

SearchDay #11, May 21 – The Once and Future P2P
While Napster – the most famous P2P (peer to peer) system – appears to be in a death spiral, other P2P technologies have emerged that are likely to end up as essential tools in your web search arsenal.

Elsewhere on

Map the Web’s Visual Net software transforms networks into places; data into virtual maps. Visual Net creates maps of networks to help users visualize data and find what they’re looking for.

Executive Perspective: Expired Domain Names’s own domain name expert, Scott Clark, explains what happens when domain name owners choose not to renew their domain names. This esoteric issue has been a hot topic recently as competitors have accused VeriSign and its subsidiary, Network Solutions, of keeping the best domains.

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