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SEW Expert - Liana Evans Liana

The Link Between Search and Social
Search isn’t limited to just a search engine anymore. In search and on social sites, the goal is the same: being found. People are increasingly turning to social sites for searches, and trusting the information they find there.
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SEW Expert - Ron Jones Ron

Mobile Search 101, Part 1
With more mobile applications coming into the market, users are finding more uses for these tools. What do you need to know to consider an advertising strategy to tap into these people on the go?
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SEW Expert - Chris Boggs Chris

When to Run Away from an SEO Company
There are some tactics that should raise a red flag if your SEO company tries to sell them to you. Others are so outdated and worthless, that they should send you packing out the door.
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News from the Search Engine Watch Blog

Bing Launches Visual Search Into Beta
Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 15, 2009

Today, Bing is introducing a new beta feature: Visual Search. This will not replace text-based results. Instead, you can choose to use it or not from the Bing home page or from results. It’s rolling out to US users initially. Visual Search is only being launched for select categories at first. …
» Continue reading Unveils ‘Search for the Cure’ to Raise Money for Breast Cancer Research
Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 15, 2009 is launching “Search for the Cure,” which involves a $1 million contribution to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. The investment will occur over the next year, through December 2010. The contribution begins with the audience. In order to contribute, simply complete tasks such as adding the Komen theme …
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Regulators Request More Info about Microsoft-Yahoo! Search Deal
Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 15, 2009

Antitrust regulators in Washington have requested more information from Microsoft and Yahoo! regarding their recently announced search deal. Announced in July, the deal would have Bing powering search on Yahoo!’s web properties, including Yahoo!’s main search. In turn, Yahoo! would run advertising, though adCenter would still be used as the …
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Twitter Updates TOS, Paving the Way for Advertising
Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 15, 2009

Twitter has updated their Terms of Service and one of the most significant updates is in regards to revenue that the social network hopes to generate. The new TOS paves the way for Twitter to introduce advertising into the network, something that’s been anticipated for a long time. Social media sites …
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White Knight SEO Checks Google Cash Scam Artists
Posted by Greg Jarboe Sep 15, 2009

Back on September 2, 2009, I posted a story entitled, “Google Cash Scam Artists vs. White Knight SEO Campaign.” On September 3, Matt McGee of Search Engine Land posted “Google Cash Scams Targeted By ‘White Knight’ SEOs” and Chris Crum of WebProNews posted “‘White Knights’ Take on Fraudulent Results.” And on …
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Trade Show Exhibtors at SES San Jose 2009 Have Good Stories to Tell
Posted by Greg Jarboe Sep 15, 2009

A month has passed since SES San Jose 2009 — and you might think that all the good stories to tell have already been told. But most of the press and blog coverage focused on the conference side of the Search Engine Strategies Conference & Expo. And the trade show …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Google Sandboxing – does it still exist? Sep 13, 2009
I read an interesting article about Google Sandboxing From what I understand, if you have a complete new website which *suddenly* gets loads of links, then your website will be sandboxed!! Google will think you’re trying to fool them and will place you on probation – or something like that! The article went …
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PR checkers – getting server redirects Sep 11, 2009
More and more lately I’ve been getting when checking pr: —Quote— “the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.” —End Quote— On the last one, I did backlink checks of sites on the page which are coming up under Yahoo/Explorer. So how can I (a) determine …
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Some popular Google “searches” may really be links. Sep 10, 2009
I’ve been looking at “Google Trends” data, and there are some unexpected results. Some of the top searches in Google are very specific long phrases. For example, two current hot searches is “big brother 11 final hoh part 2” and “joe wilson is your pre existing condition”. Are people really …
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