SearchDay: Creating PPC Campaigns: the ‘Live or Die’ Settings

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SEW Expert - David Szetela David

Creating PPC Campaigns: the ‘Live or Die’ Settings
Think you know the right way to set up a new PPC campaign? Paying close attention to the details many advertisers miss can position you for success and help you avoid common pitfalls.
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SEW Expert - Michael Boland Michael

What Can TV Learn from Search?
A few television and cable companies appear to have taken a page from the online marketing playbook. But if television networks are to take a page from the Internet, they should take the entire page. In other words it’s not just effective placement, but direct response capability that has made search marketing shine.
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SEW Expert - Frank Watson Frank

Olympics 2008: Which Search Advertisers Get the Gold?
Not too many advertisers are focusing on the Summer Olympics in Beijing so far. And some of the ads that appear seem to be there by accident. The “Olympics 2008” SERP is an interesting study in SEO tactics and mistakes.
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Another Microsoft Offer, Another Yahoo Rejection
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 14, 2008

Recently, Microsoft and Carl Icahn got quite cozy, and the budding relationship spawned a new Yahoo offer. Despite Yahoo’s insistence that they remain open to an offer from Microsoft, they have, once again, rejected the software giant. The new deal would split up Yahoo, selling the search portion to Microsoft. That …
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Now States are Investigating Yahoo-Google Deal
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 14, 2008

Just a few weeks after the US Department of Justice formally opened its investigation to the Yahoo-Google search advertising partnership. Now, about a dozen states are looking into the matter, according to the Washington Post. Not at all surprising, Connecticut is one of those states. Earlier this year, a bill was …
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Google Incorporates Code Search Results into Universal Search
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 14, 2008

In news that is likely to make my software-developer husband happy, Google has incorporated Code Search results into its main search results. Blended search results is often referred to as universal search, and in the past has included news, images, videos, etc. Code Search, which launched in October 2005, competes with …
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Google Talks Ranking and Basic SEO Again, This Time on Adsense Blog
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 14, 2008

Recently, Google’s Matt Cutts gave USA Today readers 5 SEO Tips, which many of our readers found quite basic (albeit good). Then, last week, Google gave an overview of its ranking system. Both come in the midst of Google’s latest push to inform about its privacy policy. Now, Google has …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

So Why does Google not simpy do this: Jul 13, 2008
Webmasters panic all over the web if there’s an algorithm update and everybody’s trying to make sure it wont affect them negatively (or get back to their old rankings). So why does Google not simply say: Please everybody install Google Analytics on your website or give us another way to look …
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Help with domains with keywords and doorway pages Jul 12, 2008
Hi there, I just wanted to know if anyone has had much experience with doorway web pages. I donâ””t know if I have used the correct terminology. Basically we have a business website. E.g. We have purchased. E.g. Our website is currently under the 1st url and we want to leave it …
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SE friendly menu? Jul 11, 2008
Hi, I’m a complete newb, but have had great advice from this board in the past, so please tolerate me. :) I have been working on a dental site as of late which I want to finish up and launch by the end of the month. I have not optimized any of …
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