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Click-Fraud Said to be 50% of Clicks
Search Engine Watch Forums

“…the real fun starts when people resort to daisy wheeling clickbots across a wide range of unrelated physical servers and IP blocks possibly spread over several countries and continents.”

PPC [Pay Per Click” And Affiliate Marketing, Will It Last?
High Rankings Forum

“We all know that sight – you type in ‘buy widget’ and wham up come 4 Ebay affiliates on the right, and maybe 2 of another affiliate, and maybe if you’re lucky 2 unaffiliated links. Surely this is not what Google wants? Is it relevant if you type in ‘buy TV’ and 5 eBay links come up on the right?”

Press Releases for Link Development
Webmaster World

“I have just been looking at a popular PR [press release” service to submit my press release with a hope that I can get some nice links to a site. I understand that editors may link to my site from news items. These sites do not take html, just plain text, so am I correct in thinking I just add the URL to the contact information and mention it in a paragraph of copy?”

MS Search “Could” Include User’s Meta-data
Cre8asite Forums

” I really don’t want a search engine to use my personal meta data. I conduct a lot of searches that are unrelated to previous searches, and I don’t necessarily want a search engine to make assumptions as to what I want to see when I search for something.”

New Adwords Traffic Estimator
Search Engine Watch Forums

“AdWordsRep weighs in on the best use of this estimation tool to use when creating your Google PPC keyword campaigns.”

AdWords: Is Broadmatch Really Bad?
Webmaster World

“I keep hearing that you should stick quotes around phrases and use [keyword”. But how can you be sure you are covering all your keyword phrases? Who knows what searchers might be entering.”

Google’s AdWords Optimization Team
Webmaster World

“I am wondering if it’s a good idea to use Google’s adwords optimization team to improve our campaigns? Any pros or cons?”

Yahoo Advertising on Google
Digital Point Forums

“…Yahoo paying 25 cents at the chance to pull a Google user over to Yahoo for good is well worth the quarter. Adding to that, Yahoo also has dozens of services that Google doesn’t provide (hosting for businesses- their main adword, for example.)”

Marketing Tactics with Shopping Search Engines
Search Engine Watch Forums

“If you’re selling products online, you’re missing a huge opportunity if you’re not working with the increasingly popular shopping search engines like, Froogle, BizRate and others.”

How To Optimize PDFs
High Rankings Forum

“Can one optimize the page title of a PDF so that it does not show up as “untitled” in the search engines?”

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New Adwords Traffic Estimator
Marketing Tactics with Shopping Search Engines
Click-Fraud said to be 50% of clicks
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Search Engine Watch Blog Sep 30 2004 11:22PM GMT
MSN Forms Search Focus Group
eWeek Sep 30 2004 10:29PM GMT
Feedster Does Job Search
Search Engine Watch Blog Sep 30 2004 10:02PM GMT Reveals Results of Landing Pages Tests That Raised Revenues by $500,000
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SEO As Standard Equipment
Corante Sep 30 2004 8:38PM GMT
Google tests Froogle in U.K
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FindWhat Unveils Answer to AdSense
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Why is Search Engine Optimisation Expensive?
WebProNews Sep 30 2004 4:00PM GMT
Google Takes Heady Ride, But Two Views On Ad Market Seen
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Chasing The Travel-Search Rainbow
Internet News Sep 29 2004 10:44PM GMT

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