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SEW Expert - Justilien Gaspard Justilien

Link Marketing: What Google Can Teach You
Google’s success story has many important lessons about link marketing. By studying how Google has successfully built their business, you can learn how to build links to your site.
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SEW Expert - Erik Qualman Erik

5 Million Users Hate the New Facebook? No Problem
Facebookers are annoyed that their beloved social network implemented a new design. But will their annoyance outweigh the value they get from using the product? Will Facebook’s brand be damaged, or emerge stronger than ever?
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SEW Expert - Tim Ash Tim

Landing Page Optimization — Insource or Outsource? Part 2
Deciding whether to outsource your landing page optimization and testing program is not an easy decision. There are advantages to each. Here are three more important considerations before you choose to outsource your testing program or “insource” it by doing everything in-house.
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SEW Expert - Kevin Ryan Kevin

Launch Google Freedom Now
How much power should Google have? How much is too much? Why should you care? Would we really be better off in a Google-free world?
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News from the Search Engine Watch Blog

Powerset’s First Integrations with Live Search
Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 18, 2008

Microsoft acquired semantic search company Powerset earlier this year, and now the Live Search team is revealing the first integrations of Powerset with Live Search. Freebase Answers Live Search wanted to include more of Live Search Answers, so they made use of Freebase, an open, shared database and something Powerset incorporates …
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Street View and Walking Directions Added to Google Maps for Mobile
Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 18, 2008

Google has added Street View and walking directions to its mobile maps. This will be especially useful for those of you lucky enough to live in a walkable city. To explain the usefulness of this update, Google made a video on just one of the many ways Street View and walking …
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WidgetBucks Launches Local and Travel Ad Verticals
Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 18, 2008

Ad widget company WidgetBucks today announced the availability of two new advertising verticals: local and travel. WidgetBucks already has a shopping vertical which serves a billion impressions per month worldwide. “We fundamentally believe that advertising should be more customizable, personal, engaging, and more measurable for publishers and advertisers,” said Matt Hulett, …
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Google Makes AdWords Site Stats Logo Optional
Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 18, 2008

Google has made it optional for AdWords users to place the “Google Site Stats” logo on their conversion pages. Originally, the logo was designed to let customers opt out of conversion tracking. But advertisers told Google that the logo was often a redundancy of their site’s own privacy policy. If you …
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Yahoo Homepage Redesign Disses Microsoft
Posted by Frank Watson Sep 18, 2008

Michael Arrington over TechCrunch has screen shots of the new Yahoo redesign, including their third party mail access which offers AOL and Google but notably leaves hotmail and MSN out of the options. The new design has taken some of the Yahoo personalised elements at this stage, but has yet to …
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New Premium Ad Network for Bloggers from BuzzLogic
Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 18, 2008

BuzzLogic is unveiling a new premium ad network specifically designed with bloggers in mind, and they’re launching it at this week’s BlogWorld & New Media Expo event in Las Vegas. The network was launched into beta in June. Bloggers can apply to the network or are invited to join. They’re compensated …
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Turn Introduces Dynamic Pricing into Behavioral Targeting Ad Solution
Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 18, 2008

Online advertising firm Turn, Inc. is introducing dynamic pricing models into its behavioral targeting offering. The model will take factors such as recency and relevancy of message and combine it with a retargeting method that allows advertisers to monitor real-time behavior and adjust their campaign within seconds. So, does this dynamic …
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GPhone Coming Soon, Should IPhone Worry
Posted by Frank Watson Sep 18, 2008

The oft rumored G phone is becoming a reality and given the popularity of the Google brand I wonder if the Apple crew are starting to worry. T-Mobile will soon be offer the Android-driven cell phone, according to reports. The phone is being manufactured by a small Taiwanese-based company, “that …
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Google Goes on the Defensive About Yahoo Ad Deal Cost Projections
Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 17, 2008

Google is none-too-thrilled about a SearchIgnite study suggesting that search advertising prices would increase by 22%. Now they’re fighting back by saying the study was misleading. Here are their main points: Ad prices are not set by Yahoo! or Google, but by advertisers themselvesYahoo! won’t be able to see the current …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

strategies – pay for branding or stay natural? Sep 18, 2008
Apologies if this is in the incorrect forum. (i’m new here!) We are just about to re launch our new company site (b2b) There’s two questions really here – 1 – do you bid on your company name if naturally ranked #1? 2 -I don’t know whether to let it run and see …
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Added unique content and PR drops Sep 18, 2008
Recently I added about 28 pages of unique content, text intensive, to a 15 page site that’s been going for a couple years. It was PR4 and right after adding these pages it drops to PR3. Site has decent mapping/internal links. Why is this?
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302 Redirect URL showing up as our Primary URL in Google SERPs Sep 16, 2008
Ok, so I think this is an old issue resurfacing it’s ugly head. We have an old URL, ( that 302 redirects to our new site, ( In the last two weeks, when you search the KW “New Site,” guess what shows up? You guessed it, title and description of …
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