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Writing Effective Search Engine Ads
SearchDay, May 29, 2003

Relevancy is the name of the game when it comes to copywriting for paid listings, not only for your potential customers, but increasingly to meet the stringent requirements of the search engines themselves.

Ad Agencies Slowly Embrace Search Engine Marketing
SearchDay, May 28, 2003

As the cottage industry of search engine marketing continues to mature into a legitimate form of brand and conversion marketing, traditional ad agencies are actively stepping in to take advantage of the growth in search industry dollars.

What’s New In Information Research
SearchDay, May 27, 2003

What’s going on in the field of information science? A free, online journal offers access to some of the highest-quality research from information scholars from around the world.

Memorial Day Holiday
May 26, 2003

Search Engine Forums Spotlight

SEO design options
The I-Search Discussion List
“I am in the process of designing a new site and wish to include an identical heading, footer and navigation menu on each page. However I’m torn between which technology to use to optimise search engine positioning.”

Working with ad agencies
ihelpyou Forums
“It IS difficult working with agencies, but the financial rewards are fantastic. The real key is education. I’ve found that I really need to explain the process and value of SEO to key agency reps before they are willing to sell my services to their clients (mainly because they just weren’t confident enough to explain my services when they didn’t fully understand them).”

What was the intention of showing PR [PageRank” in the toolbar?
Webmaster World
“Does anyone know what was the original official reason from Google for adding the ability to know the PR [PageRank” of a page?”

Google vs. AltaVista
Webmaster World
“…it’s a little-known fact that AltaVista’s choice of which pages to refresh is done by looking at what search results are clicked on. I’m guessing that your pages were crawled because you clicked on them.”

Frames site – practical suggestions for visibility
ihelpyou Forums
“OK – Frames can be your friend. Trust me. Roll up your sleeves and create solid noframes content, reflecting the content on the target frame. Link to the interior frame, a site map and any other pertinent pages that would be linked from the content page…”

Getting robust
Webmaster World
“A robust website must withstand 80% of ANY algorithm changes of any search engine without loosing more than 10-20% of its referrals. To do this, I decided (instead of guessing what Google engineers consider relevant this month) to build a truly relevant website.”

Search Engine Forums Spotlight courtesy Search Engine Guide.

Search Headlines

NOTE: Article links often change. In case of a bad link, use the publication’s search facility, which most have, and search for the headline.

Dot-com survivors launch Euro blog service
ZDNet May 30 2003 1:08PM GMT
Microsoft-AOL: The odd couple?
ZDNet May 30 2003 12:26PM GMT
Opinion: Search: The Web’s New Whiz Kid
Yahoo May 30 2003 11:29AM GMT
Spam ‘can be contained within two years’
Computer Weekly May 30 2003 10:12AM GMT
Northern Light Readies for Return May 30 2003 4:06AM GMT
Overture Takes FAST Track With AltaVista Search
EContent May 30 2003 4:02AM GMT
Paying Your Way to the Top: Search Engine Advertising
EContent May 30 2003 4:02AM GMT
Google Wants to Puzzle You
Research Buzz May 30 2003 0:46AM GMT
AlltheWeb Now Offers Spellcheck
Research Buzz May 30 2003 0:46AM GMT
Is this the end of Netscape?
CNET May 29 2003 11:01PM GMT
NY Times tacks fee to news alerts
CNET May 29 2003 2:08PM GMT
Google AdWords boost click-throughs and conversions for Performics clients May 29 2003 8:27AM GMT
No Virtual Numbers for Yahoo’s CFO
Business Week May 29 2003 4:12AM GMT
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