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Does Canada Really Exist?
Search Engine Watch Forums
“We recently tried to apply to be a Qualified Company in the Google Advertising Professionals program. According to their site, and the rep who emailed us, you have to be in the U.S. or in a EMEA country. We were informed, very politely, that we can’t qualify because we are located in Canada. Yes, despite the fact that I could literally leave my desk right now and walk to Google’s Toronto sales office, we don’t really exist in Google’s eyes.”

Yahoo Reports Slowing Ad Sales
Webmaster World
“Yahoo Inc. warned Tuesday that slowing ad growth will depress its third-quarter results, marking the Internet company’s latest letdown.”

Search Engines Can’t Read 301’s
High Rankings Forum
“Just because MSN may have maintained the cache of an old page they knew about doesn’t mean they’re not correctly following the 301 properly. There are lots of times that it’ll take a good amount of time for the redirected pages to be flushed out of the cache, but that alone doesn’t tell you much. Besides, if the 301 is properly constructed there’s nothing for them to see at the old location.”

AJAX vs. iFrames
Search Engine Watch Forums
“I know that frames are a big no-no when it comes to SEO. However, how does AJAX differ from an iFrame. If I wanted to have a section of my page refresh with new content on click, but not reload the whole page, or go to an outside web site, is AJAX a good solution?”

Google Mobile Ads
Search Engine Watch Forums
“Did you miss this announcement too? AdWordsRep & Search Engine Watch moderators jump in with more information about Google Mobile Ads.”

Will Google Penalize for Linking to Non Related Sites?
V7N Forum
“I swap links with any website as long as I feel my type of customer visits those sites and if it will bring me business. Am I wrong for thinking this way? Will Google penalize me in the rankings for some of these non related sites?”

Yahoo! On A Drive To Be Your Homepage
Webmaster World
“Feeling the pressure, Yahoo! turns to alternative media to push its brand.”

Does Google Treat “Hacker Safe” Sites Differently?
Cre8asite Forums
“Could links from bonafide scanning companies be worth more like the way some people feel links from edu. sites are more valuable in weight for Google ranking.”

MSN Search Vs Windows Live Search: What’s The Difference?
Search Engine Watch Forums
“Danny Sullivan offers a cynical opinion on the rebranding of MSN Search and the new Windows Live Search, and members discuss the differences between the two services.”

I Want A Wayback Machine For Search Engine Results Pages
Search Engine Watch Forums
“Ever wish you could go back and see the search results for a particular search term at a particular point in time? You can’t, but couldn’t something be done to fix that?”

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