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Search Engine Watch Forums
“A representative from the new search service steps in to answer questions and comments on guided searches.”

Local Search Advertising Spend Will Double
Webmaster World
“Paid local search is expected to remain the fastest-growing ad category….. accounting for almost a quarter of local online ad spending.”

Localized Search Strategies
Cre8asite Forums
“Because this is a localized business, search strategies can greatly benefit these people because it is still in its infant stage right now and there isn’t much SEO competition compared to other localized businesses, ie; realtors, financial advisors, etc…”

Content Is King
Webmaster World
“Everyone agrees that content is king, but what exactly constitutes good content?”

Do I Need Adwords?
High Rankings Forum
“If you’re not at least testing ads, then you’re potentially leaving large volumes of business to your competitors. As long as you can make your required margins on paid advertising, why wouldn’t you want to do it?”

Organic Search Vs. Paid Advertisement
V7N Forum
“Personally, I feel a targeted PPC campaign is the best online marketing anyone can invest in.”

In From Matt Cutts — Use Keywords In File Names
Search Engine Watch Forums
“…having keywords from the post title in the url also can help search engines judge the quality of a page.”

Subtopics of Web Site in Results
Search Engine Watch Forums
“I think this does suggest that Google is looking at more than link on a page… and that it’s possible that there’s some sort of cross referencing and/or overlap among onsite anchor text, inbound links, and page file-names happening. I could of course be reading too much into this one example, but thought it worth exploring.”

SEO Rates – Moving to Pay-For-Performance
Webmaster World
“Most of the SEOs have been charging on hourly basis, but I want to know that how can I charge a client on basis of rank achieved on a particular keyword…”

Google Archiving News Items
Webmaster World
“Google now indexing historical news stories and making them available for search.”

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