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Paid Placement Alternatives to Overture and Google
SearchDay, May 15, 2003

In an online advertising world dominated by 900-pound gorillas Overture and Google AdWords, what do second-tier pay-for-placement engines such as Ah-Ha, FindWhat and Search123 bring to the party?

How to Succeed as an Information Professional
SearchDay, May 14, 2003

Ever dreamed of being paid to search? A new book provides a comprehensive roadmap for turning your dream of being a professional searcher into a successful reality.

Managing a Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Marketing Campaign
SearchDay, May 13, 2003

How do you choose a firm to manage your pay-per-click (PPC) search engine marketing campaign? The CEOs of four well-known search marketing firms offered valuable insights and tips on making the choice.

The World of Google
SearchDay, May 12, 2003

Puzzled by PageRank? Dying to be invited to the ‘Google Dance?’ A new directory features links to hundreds of resources covering all aspects of the world according to Google.

Search Engine Forums Spotlight

Where to start with PPC?
“I’m looking at getting into PPC [pay per click”, but I’m not sure where to start, or what to do exactly. Does anyone have recommendation on which to start with, and how I should run a small-sized campaign?”

Do heading tags matter on Google?
ihelpyou Forums
“I had H3 tags for my main page headings, and Jill suggested that I drop the headings and just try bold text. So I gave it a shot, because I too am curious. I can report that rankings have slipped down across the board.”

How long does Google keep (now reformed) spammers out of the index?
ihelpyou Forums
“Some domains are still banned from over two years ago. Just removing the spam asking for re- inclusion does not guarantee that it will happen.”

Meta search relevancy
ihelpyou Forums
“Why wouldn’t the most relevant results of several of the best engines not be more relevant than a single – even the best – engine?”

Google doing away with blogs
Webmaster World
“I think Andrew Orlowski is taking a comment and taking it in the direction that he wants to go. I would take that article with a grain of salt. GoogleGuy, going for understatement. :)”

Search Engine Forums Spotlight courtesy Search Engine Guide.

Search Headlines

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Ask Jeeves: Why did you junk Espotting for Google?
The Register May 16 2003 12:48PM GMT
Lycos Gamesville launches free broadband video game content service May 16 2003 10:38AM GMT
Web services to make sophisticated site search more common, Mercado says May 16 2003 8:32AM GMT
13 States Sue Company Over Pop-Up Windows May 16 2003 7:30AM GMT
U.S., allies target spam-friendly servers
MSNBC May 16 2003 2:04AM GMT
Overture paid search pays off for Yahoo
CNET May 15 2003 9:45PM GMT
US bill turns spammers into racketeers
Computer Weekly May 15 2003 12:11PM GMT
Verisign granted DNS lookup patent
The Register May 15 2003 7:52AM GMT
Add XML functionality to your Flash movies
CNET May 15 2003 5:23AM GMT
Search Engine & Directory Questions
High Rankings May 15 2003 4:03AM GMT
Search Engine for Searching Legal Blogs
Research Buzz May 14 2003 4:58PM GMT
New Google Hack — The Domain Purity Test
Research Buzz May 14 2003 4:58PM GMT
Researchers Develop Techniques For Computing Google-style Web Rankings Up To Five Times Faster; Speed-up May M
Science Daily May 14 2003 4:17PM GMT
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