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Google – Paid inclusion?
Search Engine Watch Forum

“Its an open secret that big AdWords spenders can get a little ‘advice’ on real results questions if they ask. I’m not sure how I feel about that. If I were a big spender I would maybe expect a little advice if I had a problem in the real results [no direct intervention though” but the fact that spending big is the primary decider on whether you can get that advice sticks in my throat a little.”

Gbrowser – The Google Browser
Cre8asite Forums

“Integrating it with their current search system, they could display ads, recommend similar pages to the one you are viewing, and more than likely send more data back to Google so they can improve their systems.”

Directory – Linkfarm, Where Exactly Is the Difference?
High Rankings Forum

“So there’s no hard and fast rule. You have to look at the way it’s set up and ask yourself whether you believe it serves a purpose beyond link popularity.”

Linking Style
Webmaster World

“If you were *just* starting off all fresh in the big wide world of websites, would you ask people to link to you as: or or”

How Fair Is the Link Popularity Algorithm?
Search Engine Watch Forum

“… do we have a a level playing field across all websites (huge marketing budgets vs. no budgets) as how search engines value link popularity in their algorithms today.”

Ask Jeeves & Citysearch Partnership Goes Live
Webmaster World

“This is a good move for Citysearch and Ask to make their own impact on local search while losing some of its total reliance on AdWords for funding.”

Pay Per Click Shopping Sites
High Rankings Forum

“I am gearing up my marketing plans for the holiday season. Like most of you, I have a limited budget for marketing related expenses. One of the services I would like to try this year is one of the ‘shopping’ directories. …which would give me the best bang for my buck?”

The SEOroadshow – A Great Success

“This was back to the basics. The heart and soul of what it is all about. The SEO [search engine optimization” community. This was SEO interested folks, meeting in a pub, and talking things over without being interrupted by sales pitches or company representatives. A perfect event for those who want to cut straight to the networking with folks they can respect.”

Microsoft Using Doorway Pages
Cre8asite Forums

“…does Google ban the site that goes against it’s rules, regardless of who it is? Knowing that banning Microsoft will do nothing but hurt the validity of the search results. If you can’t even find Microsoft on a search engine, what good is it?”

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