Virtually Attending the 12th IW3C2 Conference

The Twelfth International World Wide Web Conference begins today in Budapest Hungary. Can’t make it? Many of the conference proceedings and papers are already online.

The annual event, known as the IW3C2 conference, brings together some of the brightest minds in the world who are working on improving the web. Many of the papers and presentations delivered at the conference are search-related.

IW3C2 conferences are organized by an independent committee with a primary goal of bringing together top researchers and developers from all over the world, to maintain and extend research and collaboration in the development and evolution of an open world wide web. The conference committee also makes sure that the research presented is made widely and freely available.

The first IW3C2 conference was in May of 1994 at the birthplace of the web in Geneva, Switzerland. Every year since then, the committee has built an extensive web site publishing many of the proceedings and papers delivered at the conference.

This makes the conference websites a treasure trove of information.

Here are few of the interesting search-related papers you’ll find available from the 2003 IW3C2 conference:

The Mechanics of Deep Net Meta Search, by Nigel Hamilton (PDF). The creator of the Turbo10 meta search engine, which also can tap into selected invisible web resources, describes how the process works.


Query-Free News Search, by Monika Henzinger, Bay-Wei Chang, Brian Milch, Sergey Brin. Google’s president and research director are two of the authors of this paper, which looks at the problem of finding news articles on the web relevant to the ongoing stream of television broadcast news. Perhaps a hint at a future search capability from the Googleplex?

Scaling Personalized Web Search, by Glen Jeh and Jennifer Widom. Two Stanford researchers propose a new system that incorporates many aspects of Google’s PageRank algorithm, but on a more personalized level.

Mining the Peanut Gallery: Opinion Extraction and Semantic Classification of Product Reviews, by Kushal Dave, Steve Lawrence, David M. Pennock (PDF). From NEC Labs, a description of an “opinion mining” tool that helps the user find helpful product reviews. Interesting note: two of the paper’s authors now work at Google and Overture, respectively.

Gary Price has published a more comprehensive list of search oriented papers from this year’s IW3C2 conference.

A complete complete list of search and mining track papers is available on the IW3C2 conference site, though the site has yet to publish official conference proceedings. And a complete listing of all eleven previous international world wide web conferences, with an additional list of related conferences throughout the years, is also online.

Next year’s IW3C2 conference will be held in May, in New York, and 2005’s conference will be in Chiba City, Japan.

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