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Ask Jeeves to Rebrand
Webmaster World

“Mr. Diller’s doing a great job to rehabilitating Ask Jeeves. He’s addressing the issues that have been dragging AJ down. It’s exciting.”

How To Know Whether A Site Is Accessible for Disabled People
Cre8asite Forums

“I’ve come around to thinking that designing for people who might have one type of disability or another is designing for everyone these days. The easier you can make it for everyone to enjoy your site, the better for everyone.”

SEO Gurus Full Of Crap?
High Rankings Forum

“The more the ‘SEO gurus’ rave about something, the less likely it is to be true.”

Can We Agree Automated Comment & Link Posting Is A Bad Thing?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“When even black hats get sick of trackback and comment spam, is it possible the search marketing industry could agree that using automation to get links this way is wrong-bad-uncool or whatever? That’s the question — come have your say.”

Google WiFi – Secure Access Software (Beta)
Webmaster World

“Google Secure Access is a downloadable client application that allows users to establish a more secure WiFi connection.”

Could Google Bid for AOL?
Webmaster World

“Google could try to bid for America Online to preempt a Microsoft takeover and protect the $380 million in revenue Google gets from its biggest partner, according to an analyst.”

Reports Indicate Google is Working on PayPal Alternative
Webmaster World

“…when they say they’re not going to compete with eBay.. They’re really saying that they’re going to go beyond what eBay is doing…”

Virtual Promote Forums

“We just had an SEO trainer come in and he said that he wasn’t aware of any particular sites that were done in xhtml and were also successful in seo. But xhtml evangelists claim that xhtml should be much better for seo since you can dispose of all the tables and a lot of other junk from your code. Does anyone have any idea how well the crawlers treat xhtml pages?”

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SEO Copywriting Makeover: Finding the Right Trigger
Search Engine Guide Sep 23 2005 12:21AM GMT
AdWords Help Online Forum & API Bug Being Fixed
Search Engine Watch Sep 23 2005 12:20AM GMT
Review: Web-Based E-Mail Finally Persuades
AP (via Yahoo News) Sep 23 2005 12:18AM GMT
Pay-per-click online
Biz Community Sep 23 2005 12:18AM GMT
Google guys gain on Gates
USA Today Sep 23 2005 12:04AM GMT
Google’s Secure WiFi Access Not So Secure?
TechDirt Sep 22 2005 5:22PM GMT
The Butler Didn’t Do It for Diller
ClickZ Today Sep 22 2005 5:20PM GMT
Microsoft Quashes Search Relevancy Report
Search Engine Watch Sep 22 2005 5:13PM GMT
Dumbfind Search Engine Enters Beta 3
ResearchBuzz Sep 22 2005 5:03PM GMT
Google Said To Be Building Massive Core Network
Information Week Sep 22 2005 3:45PM GMT
Blog search spam
Computerworld Sep 22 2005 3:26PM GMT
Let Google Copy!
Wired News Sep 22 2005 2:12PM GMT
Michigan backs Google in lawsuit
Michigan Daily Sep 22 2005 2:04PM GMT
askSam Offers Searchable Access (Free) to Supreme Court Nominee Hearing Transcripts
ResourceShelf Sep 22 2005 1:57PM GMT
Google TV Coming – Expect Both GiVo & TVSense
Search Engine Watch Sep 22 2005 1:28PM GMT

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