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Who’s Who in Google Syndication?
Search Engine Watch Forums
“Since Google cloaks all their partners in their content network, and your referrer logs will only show something like ‘,’ what methods are you using to identify good and bad content partners on Google?”

How To Price & Package SEO
Cre8asite Forums
“If you think your clients will need SEO and you can not swear by your eternal happiness that you will deliver results, you may be better off referring the clients to more experienced SEOs.”

Google Likes Sites That Have More Pages?
High Rankings Forum
“Whatever you do, don’t fall into the trap of creating content just for content’s sake. Your site only needs as many pages as it needs to tell the story.”

Giving Up AdWords
Webmaster World
“I have decided to stop using AdWords simply because the system has become more work that it’s worth. In my opinion the quality score has very little to do with the user experience and a lot to do with upping the price of keywords.”

Are Directory Submissions a Better Backlink?
Search Engine Watch Forums
“You can make a good argument either way on the future of directories, especially if they’re general directories. I believe niche and topically focused directories will continue to do well, especially if they’re human reviewed and rated.”

Does Text on the Inner Pages Help the Home Page?
High Rankings Forum
“The anchor text of links on internal pages that point to the home page matters, just like any link from any page does. But as a general rule, search engines are interested in pages, not sites.”

Founder of Wikipedia Plans Search Engine to Rival Google
Webmaster World
“Efforts to extract all the golden eggs from the goose invariably kills the goose. CGM is the golden goose. The goose will evolve to survive, and instead of the goose dying, it will be the attempts to suck value from the goose that will begin to die.”

Spammy Techniques Getting Top Results
Cre8asite Forums
“Spam doesn’t work ‘better’ at ranking pages than more conventional best-practices techniques do. It just works faster, and typically takes less work. I’ve yet to see any blackhat technique that doesn’t have a corresponding whitehat technique that works just as well . . . given time.”

I Have a Top Keyword #1 Position, I Am Wondering How I Got It
Search Engine Watch Forums
“A 5 year old site can carry a lot of trust – think how many Web site concepts stick around for more then a year. All it usually takes is one page of content and a few inbound links to get some form of ranking when the search term isn’t commercially competitive, especially if the domain registrant, host and Web site haven’t changed much over the years.”

Meta Keyword Tags Cre8asite Forums
“My advice is to use as few words as possible while being as complete about the content of the page as you can, including the broader context the page may fall within.”

Minimum Content – Possible to Get Rank?
High Rankings Forum
“You can rank without content, but that’s like tying both hands and one foot behind your back. Could you redesign your page so you can have some text to explain what you sell and why people should buy from you?”

Why should I have a robots.txt file?
Webmaster World
“Robots.txt was originally conceived as a way for Webmasters to prevent robots from consuming excess bandwidth, and to keep them from executing cgi scripts. However, now that the Web has gone commercial, there are many other good reasons to Disallow spiders from fetching various URLs.”

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