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Google Gets Personalized Home Page Feature
Search Engine Watch Forums

“There’s not enough features yet to make me want to switch from using ‘My Yahoo’ page. I’d like to be able to add personalized links and be able to add RSS/XML feeds which are the main things I use everyday.”

Worth Buying A Dmoz-listed Domain?
High Rankings Forum

“What’s the big push to get a dmoz listed site? Just get links from other places. There’s nothing magical about DMOZ, and in fact now that Google is sometimes using their description instead of your own, I daresay a dmoz listing may start to be a hindrance in the same way that a Yahoo one is.”

Cloaking: Anyone Use it Anymore?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Does anyone come across cloaked sites in the SERPs [search engine results pages” anymore, ‘cos I don’t seem to. …am I just not detecting it, or has it fallen in usage?”

Proposed Search Engine Standard For Titles & Descriptions
Search Engine Watch Forums

“It’s getting harder to know how search engines create the title and descriptions for pages they list. Should a standard be established to give publishers some rights? Comment and vote on options, in this thread.”

Pursuing Copyright Infringers
Small Business Ideas Forum

“Anytime I summit an article I create an alert for the title. Google will search both news and/or web. …I can sign up at Google and set up as many alerts as I want for free.”

Traditional Marketing As Part Of Your SEM Campaign
Search Engine Watch Forums

“What things should you be doing beyond search marketing to diversify your traffic sources and potentially still help with your SEM [search engine marketing” campaign?”

Steve Ballmer: ‘One-hit wonder’ Google could disappear in five years
Webmaster World

“Let’s not forget that Microsoft also has the budget to severely damage Google in the advertising realm. They will take a loss for years to kill a company like Google. Don’t be surprised if they go in and offer companies like AOL and Ask Jeeves to use their PPC [pay per click” products and provide them rates that Google couldn’t fathom. They can go out and offer publishers ridiculous rates to steal them from Google.”

Yahoo Adds Trends to Concept Analysis
Cre8asite Forums

“Can understanding trends help to ‘personalize’ search results? I’m not sure.”

SEM Industry Biggest Growing Pains
Search Engine Watch

“Members report problems that arise in the initiation or enlargement of our Search Engine Marketing industry. Feel welcome to point out what you think are the biggest growing pains and if you think there are solutions to them.”

Search Engine Optimization and Gresham’s Law
Cre8asite Forums

“This states, ‘Bad money drives good money out of circulation.’ It clearly seems to have been in operation in the Search Engine Optimization field over the past year or two. The success of so-called ‘black hat’ SEO’s devalued the whole field. There you are – Gresham’s law in full operation. …how do you clean up a Gresham’s law type of mess.

Adsense Scraper Framing Websites
Webmaster World

“I’ve come across a scraper site framing legitimate web sites from the links. Is this allowable under Adsense policy? I wouldn’t think so. I thought I had seen everything. Who would I report this to? I certainly don’t appreciate what this site is doing.”

Google Content Starting Opt Out
Search Engine Watch Forums

“As of Tuesday 5/17 any advertiser will be able to pick which places it wants to run in content… actually the way it works is you get to pick where you don’t want to run… dropping advertisers as you want.”

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Mac Daily News May 22 2005 12:51AM GMT
Create New Pages for PPC Search Landing Pages –
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Yes, ad-savvy Google scans your Gmail
Seattle Times May 21 2005 3:41PM GMT
Attorneys Seek Advertisers for Click Fraud Class Action
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Microsoft’s Desktop Search: Trying To Keep Up with Apple’s Tiger?
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