SearchDay Week In Review

A Gaggle of Search Engine Toolbars
SearchDay, June 26, 2003

Wrapping up search engine toolbar week, here’s are brief looks at toolbars offered by smaller firms not associated with the larger search engines.

Dogpile’s Toolbar Fetches More than Search Engine Results
SearchDay, June 25, 2003

The Dogpile toolbar consolidates a variety of useful web and specialized searches into a single, easy to use interface.

HotBot’s Swiss Army Knife Deskbar
SearchDay, June 24, 2003

HotBot has released its Quick-Search Deskbar, which not only provides instant access to the search engine, but is jam-packed with other useful tools and goodies as well.

Search Engine Toolbar Week!
SearchDay, June 23, 2003

This week, both InfoSpace and Lycos are introducing search toolbars, making it easier than ever to locate information both on the web and residing on your own computer.

Search Engine Forums Spotlight

Lobby group to challenge search engine practices
Webmaster World
“Sounds like sour grapes that the free ride ended when the Internet graduated into a real advertising arena and GASP companies started charging. Imagine that, people trying to make a living by earning money. … Those, those… capitalists!”

Why did you buy from X site and not Y?
Webmaster World
“I do click on adwords when looking for products. The other day I was looking for atomic clocks. If someone searches for that (and it came up as atomic clocks in the ad – not just clocks) – take me to the page on atomic clocks – not your main page.”

Untapped industries that would benefit from SEO
ihelpyou Forums
“Everyone around here keeps talking about niches that you can do really well in, but what are they?”

Google Toolbar 2.0
Webmaster World
“I can see this toolbar situation, starting an arms race of sorts, due to its default search condition on the browser, and the ability to bundle user experience tools. Interesting.”

Is Yahoo holding a trump card?
Webmaster World
“On the surface it looks as if Yahoo is playing catch up- But look a little closer an you’ll see that Yahoo is chasing a different strategy, and is far ahead of their competition.”

Hi, I’m new AND have a newbie question!
ihelpyou Forums
“…if you can optimize those inner pages, using unique content and keyphrases to each, you’ve increased your chances of making more sales.”

PPC bid management software – Criteria please!
Webmaster World
“I have determined what MY criteria for this software is, but I am curious of what others may feel is important.”

Search Engine Forums Spotlight courtesy Search Engine Guide.

Search Headlines

NOTE: Article links often change. In case of a bad link, use the publication’s search facility, which most have, and search for the headline.

Search Engine Friendly Shopping Cart Unveiled by SearchFit
URLwire Jun 27 2003 4:06AM GMT
Verity Has Another Profitable Year
Yahoo Jun 27 2003 1:37AM GMT
Aubuchon Hardware sees surge in web visitors after optimizing for search Jun 26 2003 10:33PM GMT
Google Puts Gadgets in Browser Toolbar Jun 26 2003 10:25PM GMT
Google tweaks toolbar to block pop-ups
CNET Jun 26 2003 8:19PM GMT
Copyright Watch – Public Domain Enhancement Act Introduced To Congress
Mac Observer Jun 26 2003 6:15PM GMT
Police probe domain renewal firm Jun 26 2003 10:52AM GMT
Open Text Builds Out Livelink Suite with Portal Jun 26 2003 5:27AM GMT
Record industry to ‘find and sue’ internet file-swappers
Independent Jun 26 2003 1:30AM GMT
Harry Potter and the ‘Napsterisation’ of books
ZDNet Jun 26 2003 0:30AM GMT
Verity shares fall 26 pct on weak outlook
Reuters Jun 25 2003 5:00PM GMT
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