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Press Release Services For Links Or Publicity
Webmaster World
“On many occasions I have noticed such press releases show up only if I have a Google alert on them. What in case I do not have an alert on such press releases? Will they still show up and popularize us in the requisite market or should we all sit and say hey press release = link building.”

SEO Chat Forums
“Wikipedia must get a ton of backlinks from people using their information. They’re the ultimate example of creating content people want to link to.”

How To Optimize For Large Retail Sites
Webmaster World
“Are there some basic do’s and don’ts I should be aware of?”

Why Am I Banned?
Search Engine Watch Forums
“…this is a very interesting case to me- the word banning is probably a little strong, and I’d have to assume at first that this is simply a case of a technical issue of some sort. And as you know, the recent change to MSN Live Search may have something to do with it.”

MSN Dumb Decision on Unrelevant Links
WebProWorld Forum
“I know some here at WebProWorld have been complaining about MSN results. Now we can start looking here, at some websites to see if they have too many irrelevant links pointing to them. No wonder even some incredibly popular websites I have worked on don’t seem to rank as well as they should, no matter what I try. Dumb.”

Google Charges Ahead, Tops $500 Mark
Webmaster World
“Shares of Web Search leader Google Inc. on Tuesday surged past the highly anticipated $500 milestone for the first time, continuing its strong climb since it became public company in August 2004.”

Important SEO Tips from Pubcon
V7N Forum
“Many top SEOs were busy attending PubCon in Las Vegas… If any of you attended PubCon this year, please share what you learned in the conference.”

‘Created by’ and ‘SEO by’ Links
Search Engine Watch Forums
“How does Google (and the other engines) view links on clients’ pages back to who designed or created the page, or who did SEO for it…..from a good SEO link standpoint?”

Yahoo! Cuts Deal With Newspaper Groups
Webmaster World
“Internet media company Yahoo Inc. said on Monday at least seven U.S. newspaper groups will use its technology to sell advertising and offer search functions on the Internet sites of more than 150 dailies.”

What Annoys You the Most About “SEO” Firms?
Search Engine Forums
“What annoys me most about SEO firms is the rank amateurs who advertise themselves as “SEO experts” and then show up on forums like these and ask the most basic questions that anyone who earns a living from seo should know.”

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