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Filthy Linking Rich
Search Engine Watch Forums

“It brings up the theory that popular sites will continue to get more popular and attract new links while new sites will find it increasingly difficult to pick up any links and gain any sort of popularity. He moves on to say that it causes new sites that may have a wealth of information to be missed off of a search engines radar.”

Google Releases Desktop Search
Webmaster World

“[Google”… rolled out a preliminary version of its new desktop search tool, making the first move against its major competitors in the race to provide tools for finding information buried in computer hard drives.”

Exit Page Statistics Query
Cre8asite Forums

“Look at your referral logs to see what phrases people are using to arrive at your homepage. Think about their likely motives in making those searches, and then think whether those were properly targeted leads for you, or if you need to make your listings more accurately pre-qualify your visitors in order to prevent negative reactions or false hope visits.”

“Industrial Strength White Hat” Cloaking Questions
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Unfortunately, Yahoo’s index is becoming more and more filled with pages that show the URL for certain sites, but because of links on the pages with 302 redirects they display the title, description and cache for the sites being linked to, which we’re redirected to, and turn up for the search terms rather than the URL the for proper site.”

Content for Adwords
High Rankings Forum

“There have been a couple of posts across the web lately about people who set up content sites specifically to make money from adsense. There have been a lot of complaints by people who are saying it is wrong to do this! Now am I missing something here?”

Block Analysis 101
Search Engine Watch Forums

“…Orion explains block-level analysis in simpler terms, and asks how it may change optimization practices and link building theories.”

Conversion Tracking Kills Headlines
Webmaster World

“The effects on AdWords advertisers is profound: Those who start using [Google’s” conversion tracking will see their CTR [click through rate” and campaign effectiveness decline, even as impressions remain at normal levels. This will affect their ad’s position and costs.”

Picking a Usable Searchbox
Cre8asite Forums

“…3 separate search boxes. I’ve seen this in some client sites and it’s looked good, and been functional in most cases. As long as the colors used, placement, white space around each one and simplicity on interaction is well thought out, this option is nice.”

RSS Feeds as a Search Engine Marketing Tool
Search Engine Watch Forums

“RSS/XML/SEO = a match made in heaven in my book.”

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History’s ‘yellow pages’ go online
Computer Buyer Oct 15 2004 12:51PM GMT
Net Snippets Releases New Version of Professional Edition
EContent Oct 15 2004 12:27PM GMT
RSS Feeds Hunger for More Ads
Wired News Oct 15 2004 9:41AM GMT
Historical directories go online
BBC Oct 15 2004 9:10AM GMT
To Metadata or Not To Metadata
EContent Oct 15 2004 4:14AM GMT
Connect With Customer Segments in Search
ClickZ Today Oct 15 2004 2:33AM GMT
Optimize Your Site for Lead Generation
ClickZ Today Oct 15 2004 2:32AM GMT
Block Analysis with Image Retrieval
SEO Roundtable Oct 14 2004 11:08PM GMT
Google Drops The Other Shoe – Google Desktop Search Launches
Searchblog Oct 14 2004 10:52PM GMT
Google Your Desktop
OReilly Network Oct 14 2004 10:38PM GMT
AOL launches new portal, tests desktop search
CNET Oct 14 2004 6:23PM GMT
The Meta Description Tag and Search Engines
ISEDB Oct 14 2004 2:44PM GMT
Google to unveil desktop search
CNET Oct 14 2004 2:30PM GMT
SEM: Still an Adolescent?
iMedia Connection Oct 14 2004 10:27AM GMT

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