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Google Is Doomed Long Term
Virtual Promote Forums

“Most machines dispatch with MSN as the default search, people currently change this because the search facility is not Google. As sure as the grass is green this will change, people using the default will be happy with what is delivered and they will not so readily change it, those who are getting fed up with Google will also have a viable alternative, the marketing power of Microsoft will count further.”

Search Engine Friendly E-Commerce Design From Ground Up
Search Engine Watch Forums

“…I would like to take you [through” some of the areas I find to be critical in the development of a search engine friendly, but at the same time, easy to use (i.e. high conversion rates) e-commerce site.”

Why Does Google Still Value “Bought Links”
Webmaster World

“What’s wrong with Google counting paid links? If a site can afford to buy relevant links – so what… it’s called advertising. A business model that expects to make it on the Internet through getting everything for free usually fails.”

Wiping Page Rank
Cre8asite Forums

“…it looks like the domain is going with someone who worked for the company and is now leaving. …he paid for it on his card [and” he is digging his heels on the situation. I spent months getting a good page rating on Google rating but I don’t belive he should benefit from this. How can I wipe the page rating on this site?”

SEO for Google Using CSS
Best Practices Forums

“I am considering as many ways as possible to utilize CSS for Google search rankings. I believe style sheets will improve your search engine rankings…”

Bold, Highlight, Underline, Italics? Do They Really Help to Get Your Keyword?
High Rankings Forum

“I tend to think it would not help and if used improperly, might even hurt. By improperly I mean every instance of the keyword phrase being bolded on the page, or whatever.”

Making My Meta Tags
Virtual Promote Forums

“For your page to actually be valid you MUST declare the character encoding (lets the browser know whether to use A to Z letters (Latin), or Chinese, Japanese, Thai, or Arabic script, or some other character set) used for the page…”

Questions for SEO
Best Practices Forums

“Don’t be afraid to shower the consultant with a million and one questions. If your CEO is putting your corporate website in an outsider’s hands, and you are in the role of company fact checker, you have a real responsibility on your hands.”

Cloaking 101 – Questions and Answers
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Obviously, search engine representatives will not tire slamming cloaking (or again, much more precisely, IP delivery) as ‘trickery’ and ‘unfair practice’ as it allows boosting your SERP (search engine results page) rankings without their express consent.”

No Joy With Listings in Yahoo
Small Business Ideas Forum

“If you are not showing up in Yahoo as you expect, take a hard look at (a) your code (use the W3C’s validator to get it perfect), (b) your content (is it really valuable or am I trying too hard to sell something?), and (c) your keyword density (maybe check out the tool for this at to see how you compare to the competition).”

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Overture Extends Reseller Program to Ad Agencies Oct 22 2004 12:29PM GMT
This Travel Search Site Could Go Far
Business Week Oct 22 2004 12:00PM GMT
Yahoo Acquires Stata Labs
Search Engine Watch Oct 22 2004 11:47AM GMT
New Search Marketing Association in the UK
Search Engine Watch Oct 22 2004 11:42AM GMT
Google will open an office in Kirkland
Seattle Times Oct 22 2004 8:52AM GMT
Local Search and Yellow Pages: Not Just for Mom-and-Pops
ClickZ Today Oct 22 2004 3:18AM GMT
Google patches one security hole, but another surfaces
InfoWorld Oct 21 2004 11:32PM GMT
Fraud, Schmaud
Traffick Oct 21 2004 11:01PM GMT
Google May Flaunt Its Strength in Other Everyday Computing Tasks
Dallas Morning News (via Troy Record) Oct 21 2004 10:58PM GMT
Google satisfies the Street
CNN Money Oct 21 2004 10:51PM GMT
Mobile Search Is Almost Too Good to Be True
Media Post Oct 21 2004 10:25PM GMT
More SMS Search in the U.S
Search Engine Watch Blog Oct 21 2004 6:00PM GMT
Yahoo Announces Size Increase to Image Database
Search Engine Watch Blog Oct 21 2004 5:44PM GMT
Kathy Rittweger – Blinkx search engine
Growing Business Oct 21 2004 5:13PM GMT
Study: Offers Best Site Search
ClickZ Today Oct 21 2004 5:09PM GMT

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