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Links to the week’s topics from search engine forums across the Web:

Redesign Top 10 Do’s & Top 10 Don’ts
High Rankings Forum
“We are about to embark on a redesign project and I’m trying to compile a high level top 10 do’s/don’ts list.”

How Much Text Is Needed?
Cre8asite Forums
“Is there a certain minimum amount of text that you should have on each page that you plan to optimize?”

Will Google Penalize You for Linking to Non-related Sites?
SEO Roundtable Forum
“I swap links with any website as long as I feel my type of customer visits those sites and if it will bring me business. Am I wrong for thinking this way? Will google penalize me in the rankings for some of these non related sites?”

The Value of Directory Links
Webmaster World
“How valuable are directory links? If we get 300 directory links every month shall we get any value from the search engines?”

SEO Companies’ Credentials
High Rankings Forum
“Should I use a company who have a good placement themselves as this is the only real proof they know their stuff?”

Microsoft adCenter Content Ads Pilot Program
Webmaster World
“Many advertisers running Microsoft adCenter campaigns in the U.S. have been notified that there campaigns will be automatically included in the upcoming ContentAds implementation on sites in Microsoft’s network.”

Competitors’ Web Stats? Is This Even Possible?
Search Engine Watch Forums
“Does anyone know of a tool that allows you to view competitors’ web stats?”

Wikiseek Lauches To Mixed Reviews
Webmaster World
“Wikiseek utilizes Searchme’s category refinement technology, providing suggested search refinements based on user tagging and categorization within Wikipedia.”

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Editor’s note: A special thanks to Peter Da Vanzo and John Scott of v7n for their work in compiling the Search Engine Forums Spotlight.

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