Highlights from the SEW Blog: September 17-21, 2007

We’ve collected all the search marketing news from selected posts to the Search Engine Watch blog in the past week, along with recent search-related headlines from around the Web.

From the SEW blog:

Organic Search

  • Google Webmaster Tools Update
    The Google Webmaster tools announced new changes to Webmaster Tools. The biggest change was the addition of subscriber stats from various Google services.
  • SEW Experts: Google Dance in Aeon Flux
    Mark Jackson explores the “Google Dance.” Some SEO experts say the Google don’t dance. Others claim the Google Dance never ends. What does it mean for SEM, ranking reports, and site analytics?
  • We Like ‘Em Both
    Both SEO and SEM are equally effective online tactics, according to nearly 2,500 marketers surveyed by Marketing Sherpa.

Search Advertising

Linking Issues & Social Media

  • SEW Experts: Link Building for Local Search
    Justilien Gaspard imagines a search engine-free world. Would you still build “links” to increase local traffic? He shares some radical link building strategies for local search.
  • Women Execs Have Better Online Presence
    An online career survey indicates female executives at the VP and C-levels have a considerably better career presence online than male executives at the same level.

Analytics & ROI

Local & Mobile Search

  • SEW Experts: Think Local, Act Social
    Michael Boland asks what bars, lawyers, restaurants and dog washers have in common? Answer: They all meet at the intersection of local and social search.
  • Google AdSense for Mobile
    The program is targeted at people who have created websites targeted at mobile browsers, allowing them to make money on contextual advertising using the same model used by Google on the traditional web.
  • Idearc Buys Switchboard, Other Assets from InfoSpace
    Local search and directory publisher Idearc has acquired Switchboard.com and other directory assets from InfoSpace for $2 million in cash.

Vertical & Specialty Search

Small Business/Big Brand SEM

In-House & Outsourcing

  • Is Your Search Integrated Like Chunky Monkey?
    Integration in search is like integration of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavors. If you’re in the market for a search vendor, you might have something to learn from the boys in Vermont.

SEM Industry Issues

Searching/Search Technologies

More from the SEW Blog

Search Headlines

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