Highlights from the SEW Blog: Feb. 12, 2007

We’ve collected all the search marketing news from selected posts to the Search Engine Watch blog in the past week, along with recent search-related headlines from around the Web.

From the SEW blog:

Organic Search

  • Jason Calacanis Hates SEOs, But Loves What SEOs Do
    The fundamental problem here is the definition of SEO. Calacanis extols the value of clean page design, great content, and solid Web design. Guess what? So does every reputable SEO firm.
  • Think Like a Search Engineer
    Understanding the way search engineers think can help you decide whether or not a new idea is worth trying. Knowing when you are taking risks, or making the decision to avoid them, can help scale your search engine marketing strategy to new heights.
  • What Personalization Means to SEOs
    Has the reliance on rankings held back search marketers and their clients from doing some more advanced marketing?
  • Google Clarifies Some Webmaster Guidelines
    Google has made some minor changes to its Webmaster guidelines, which appear to be aimed at clarifying policies rather than substantially changing them.
  • Diller Sings Praises of SEO
    Speaking at the McGraw-Hill Media Summit in New York today, IAC’s Barry Diller grumbled about a lot of things, but not SEO.

Search Advertising

  • New Search Ad Management Tools Launched
    New search ad management platforms from ChannelAdvisor and iProspect launched this week.
  • Yahoo Ad Ranking System Now Live
    Today’s the day, as any search marketer not living under a rock for the past few months knows. Yahoo’s flipping the switch on its new ad ranking model, so that bid price is no longer the sole factor in determining ad positions.
  • FAST AdMomentum: Private-Label Contextual Advertising
    FAST launched a private-label contextual advertising platform for online media companies, retailers and telecommunications service providers, offering a way to monetize traffic to their sites.

Linking Issues

  • Don’t take the (link) bait
    At its core, marketing your web site is about building trust, building a good reputation, and effective marketing techniques. The term “bait” makes the whole thing sound like a game, when marketing your web site needs to be serious business.
  • Google Enhances Its “Link:” Command at Webmaster Central
    Google’s enhancement of its “Link:” operator allows researchers to discover many of the links that Google has indexed as pointing to a particular URL.
  • Linkbait Rules As Linkbait — Masterful
    Andy Hagans has successfully baited links from several search marketing blogs with his Ultimate Guide to Linkbaiting and Social Media Marketing.
  • Google Adds Link Tools
    Google’s Webmaster Tools now include in-depth reporting of inbound links to a user’s site. The tool gives verified site owners a much more complete look at links than the existing link: operator.

Analytics & ROI

Vertical & Specialty Search

Social Media

  • Facebook on the Rise
    Partnerships with Comcast and Jobster could help the social networking site take on MySpace.
  • Yahoo Launches Pipes, an RSS Remixing Tool
    Yahoo has unveiled a new data manipulation/mashup platform called Yahoo Pipes, “a hosted service that lets you remix feeds and create new data mashups in a visual programming environment.”
  • Lycos Jumps Into the Social Mix
    Lycos MIX, a new bookmarking tool, lets users pull video clips from a variety of different sources across the Web.
  • Will Splinter Communities Work?
    Web publishers are scrambling to provide their own outlets for user-generated content. This could be interesting to search marketers, especially if we’re able to reach bloggers or amateur video makers within more defined and splintered communities.

SEM for Small Businesses

  • Video Advertising Gets Local
    If you bring in targeting capabilities and content volumes possible with IPTV and Web-delivered video, a compounding factor could be more favorable economies and a “long tail” effect of available ad inventory.

In-House & Big Brand SEM

SEM Industry Issues

More from the SEW Blog

  • Is Google Radio Sinking? DMarc Founders Depart
    The founders of DMarc are leaving Google amidst reports of tension over Google’s approach to radio ad sales.
  • Google Hoping Smiles Are Contagious
    Google plans to wallpaper its office walls with pictures of smiling Google advertisers.
  • Building Your Own Search Engine
    Google’s core technology assets go beyond search engine algorithms to include massively deployed server networks operating in close harmony.
  • Welcome New SEW Bloggers
    A warm welcome to our two new Search Engine Watch blog correspondents, Eric Enge and Grant Crowell.
  • Miva Cutting Work Force By 20%
    Miva announced today it has a restructuring plan that calls for a 20% reduction in its workforce.
  • Rand Fishkin, the SUPER Man
    Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz comes clean with a super secret… he was “that guy” who wanted to propose to his girlfriend during a Super Bowl commercial. She said yes.
  • What’s Serendipity?
    When you find a story you wouldn’t have normally read, that’s called serendipity in the newspaper world. The WSJ says serendipity is alive and well at online newspapers too.

Search Headlines

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