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PPC, PFI et al – Is the Pain Behind Us Now?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“PFI [pay for inclusion” seems to me to be a busted flush, Ask announcing they want no further part in it, Yahoo rumoured to be ‘reconsidering’ their offering and the most popular [search engine” on the www not touching it with a barge pole. Switch to PPC [pay per click”; if the current obsessive compulsive mantra of ‘ROI, ROI’ [return on investment” has reached its logical peak then PPC bids are as high as they ever will be. Maybe, just maybe, we are seeing a return to the fore of good old fashioned pure play SEO [search engine optimization”.”

Betting It All On AdSense
Webmaster World

“I run a high volume web site that has been up and going for about a year and a half now. Until the start of this year I was relying on donations and my own bank balance to keep the site going. This became harder as time went on and the site became more popular – until the day I discovered AdSense.”

Help Please, Hired an SEO Firm, Now Banned
High Rankings Forum

“What needs to happen is that the people buying search engine marketing services need to be educated. They need to know what bad SEO techniques are and how their sites/businesses can suffer if they decide to go that route. That is what will put these kind of companies out of business – empowering people with knowledge.”

alt=”xxxx” – Isn’t Really “alternative”
Cre8asite Forums

“I read one place something someone called the telephone test. If you were describing the page to someone over the phone, and you got to the picture, what would you say about it. That’s the alternative.”

Alt Attributes Appearing as Anchor Text in Text-only Cache
Search Engine Watch Forums

“…it looks like Google’s been indexing ALT text as anchor text for over a year, and the text-only cache makes this much easier to now spot.”

Google Pulls Plug on “onmouseover” Pages
Webmaster World

“I believe that one SEO had convinced clients either to put spammy Javascript mouseover redirects, doorway pages that link to other sites, or both on their clients’ sites. That can lead to clients’ sites being flagged as spam in addition to the doorway domains that the SEO set up.”

I’m Going to Write My Own Search Engine
High Rankings Forum

“I’m going to write my own search engine (note, there is no ‘try’ in there) and I was wondering if any of you had any suggestions for anything from coding to algorithm to design to anything else.”

Does Google Allow “PageRank For Sale” Ads?
Webmaster World

“…advertising to assist with PageRank isn’t a problem. Selling PageRank, however, is another thing – and ads/sites are reviewed on a case-by-case basis along these guidelines.”

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