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Yahoo Acquires
Webmaster World

“The acquisition of marks the second major acquisition by Yahoo of a ‘social networking’ site.”

Beware the Reciprocal Link Short Sellers
Search Engine Watch Forums

“The reciprocal link short sellers have a lot of reasons for making their claims, but are their claims based on facts? Or emotional pleadings? Will taking their advice help your own site, or simply leave the door wide open to a competitor who chooses to ignore them?”

Ask Jeeves Growing Like Wild Fire!
Search Engine Roundtable Forums

“Specifically growing market share at a better rate, 77%, then the other engines.”

Dec. 2005 Newsweek Article On SEO & Perception Of Industry
Search Engine Watch Forums

“How many incorrect perceptions written by Newsweek can you spot in that article?”

British Retailer Buys $485 Million
Webmaster World

“Technically Experian bought them, which to me is very interesting. A company that knows your credit who owns large offline retailer and now an online retail aggregator. Sure is a good way to know a lot about its customers.”

Alexa Opens Up Crawler To The Public
Webmaster World

“I’ve noticed Alexa crawling my site more recently. Now I know why. I wonder if there’s more to this for Alexa than just collecting fees. Will the type of requests for their data be a source of valuable information to Alexa, and even more importantly to their parent Amazon?”

Yahoo’s Zawodny In Paid Links & Nofollow Debate
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Google’s Matt Cutts says put nofollow on paid links. But Yahoo’s Jeremy Zawodny failed to do that in an experiment with paid links on his personal blog, raising eyebrows and comments.”

Matt Cutts – Linkbuilding Consequences
High Rankings Forum

“Taking the high road sounds great, but is it practical for a small business owner to sit idly by hoping that Google identifies these artificial linking schemes and boost my site above the others?”

Google Myths Busted!
High Rankings Forum

“… it’s important to note that everything Matt Cutts says can’t be taken as the Gospel according to Google. He often says things for propaganda purposes. Like every time he says something doesn’t count as a link, that doesn’t actually mean it’s true. It probably means ‘we wish we could figure out how to make sure they don’t count as links, and some day we will.'”

Landing Page Quality Now Influences AdWords Position
Search Engine Watch Forums

“How is Google in fact checking landing page content? On some client sites I have the landing pages blocked from spidering (using the meta robots tag), because they duplicate other pages on the site and I don’t want to worry about duplicate content. Is this now a concern?”

Targeting The Correct Search Term
Cre8asite Forums

“…you have to examine the searches made in their specific context. Look at which versions went with which other words into which phrases. That’s where it will become useful and enlightening.”

Search Engine Forums Spotlight courtesy Search Engine Guide.

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Google touts enterprise search products
CNET Dec 15 2005 1:11AM GMT

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