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How Do I Spot Cloaked Sites?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“How does one detect some of the cloaking going on around the Web? Follow these instructions…”

Geico Takes Aim at Google for Selling Ads Linked to Trademarks
Webmaster World

“I would think that any ban on trademarks would have to be an opt-out situation by the TM [trademark” holder – probably most TM holders are happy to have their agents and resellers promoting the brand. Exceptions would be misleading sites that advertise one brand and sell another.”

Double 301 Redirects
High Rankings Forum

“I have a question on … redirecting a page using a 301 that has already been redirected to.”

Overture Match Type Changes
Small Business Ideas Forum

“What the heck does this mean for us? I understand that it’s related to the new PPC [pay per click” positioning formula that went into effect several weeks ago. It seems to be saying on the surface that there will be no distinction made between broad and phrase match types.”

SEO: How Do You Separate Truth from Speculation?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“As you were beginning your SEO [search engine optimization” career, no doubt you were reading forums such as this one trying to educate yourself. …How do you separate ‘truth’ from speculation? … or is it all speculation?”

I’m Getting Tired of Speculation
Webmaster World

“For over a year, I’ve been reading all kinds of speculation and strange theories. …Why are so many webmasters so fond of these theories?”

Yahoo Reads My Robots.txt, But No Pages

“I have Yahoo coming to read my robots.txt file on a daily basis … but, that’s all it reads. It doesn’t read any other page, and of course my site doesn’t appear on Yahoo. Does anyone know why this could be happening?”

Usability Doesn’t Operate in a Vacuum
Cre8asite Forums

“…patterns of behavior in social contexts are an important facet of effective design.”

How to Emergency Pause your AdWords Campaign
Search Engine Watch Forums

“What do you do if your server goes down and your PPC campaign continues sending traffic to dead links.”

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Traffic Power creates gridlock
Las Vegas Business Press Sep 10 2004 1:01PM GMT
The Inevitability of Search Results as RSS
Jeremy Zawodny’s Blog Sep 10 2004 12:32PM GMT
Much ado about Shakespeare texts online Sep 10 2004 12:01PM GMT
Lycos revamps email with ‘virtual hardrive’
Netimperative Sep 10 2004 10:55AM GMT
Microsoft granted tab navigation patent
Computer Business Review Sep 10 2004 10:55AM GMT
Review: Campaign finance Web sites
Boston Globe Sep 10 2004 4:08AM GMT
Google Page Rank Is Dead
WebProNews Sep 9 2004 7:14PM GMT
Yahoo hired for ‘The Apprentice’ ad deal
Reuters via Forbes Sep 9 2004 5:35PM GMT
Searching For Trademark Protection
Media Post Sep 9 2004 4:39PM GMT
New Resource From Intelliseek: Campaign Radar 2004
ResourceShelf Sep 9 2004 4:19PM GMT
Redball Search Engine Rolling in Austria On October 1
ResearchBuzz Sep 9 2004 12:12PM GMT
Peerbot Offers Searching by Favicon
ResearchBuzz Sep 9 2004 12:12PM GMT
Why Some Experts Are Completely Wrong About Linking
WebProNews Sep 8 2004 11:52PM GMT
Google Bombing or Incremental Tool for Search Engine Ranking?
WebProNews Sep 8 2004 5:06PM GMT
Analysts: GEICO Ruling May Not Be ‘Good News’ For Brands
Media Post Sep 8 2004 12:08PM GMT

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