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Search Engine Chart
Best Practices Forums

“Major search engines and their search results suppliers and syndicated outlets…”

The State of Cloaking Today
Cre8asite Forums

“…this post should still apply as a point of interest to all, because what I’m looking at is the way that search engines can detect end-user content above and beyond what their spiders are given.”

Selling Rubbish – Turning Down Work Due to the Product
High Rankings Forum

“I just wondered, has anybody ever turned down a job because they thought that the product or service was rubbish and shouldn’t be promoted?”

Can I Do Caching Like Google?
Best Practices Forums

“So, why is the public willing to tolerate some copies and not others? Answering that might not give you a legal right to display cached copies, and this answer shouldn’t be construed as legal advice. But it does appear that there may be a few instances where people are willing to tolerate cached copies.”

Google Aided Deep Search
High Rankings Forum

“Wow! Tons of sites are using that spammy technique. If you do a search right now for Google aided deep search (before this forum page gets indexed and beats them out) you can see all the sites that use this awful looking technique. C’mon Google, get rid of those stupid sites!”

Speaking Of RFPs…
High Rankings Forum

“So what do you guys think? Will you answer RFPs [Requests For Proposal”? Do you think they can work for SEM/SEO [search engine marketing/search engine optimization” services? Or do SEM companies work too differently to really compare this way?”

GoGuides is now
Best Practices Forums

“What there has been is a domain name change when the domain name was pointed away from the server by its registered owner. The data never moved. The site is now called ‘ – The International Directory’ and is geared towards the international community. A Spanish language section is in progress and other languages will eventually be added, too.”

Can You Achieve Inbound Link PR With Affiliate Codes?

“The reason why I ask is I’m soon to start my own affiliate program but I also want to be sure that my site has high PR [PageRank” and does well in free listings.”

Google Considers Online IPO Auction
Webmaster World

“While everyone’s blabbering about ‘out of the box’ thinking, Google is once again showing that for them, there is no box.”

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SearchDay Week in Review

Google’s API: For Fun, Not Profit (Yet)
SearchDay, Oct. 30, 2003

The Google API is a fun way to use Google for things as varied as solving crossword puzzles to creating recipes, but it’s not yet ready for prime-time applications.

Analyzing Search Engines as Investments
SearchDay, Oct. 29, 2003

Search has become increasingly popular, but do the common stocks of search engines make a good investment? High-tech investment analysts share a glimpse of the techniques they see to value publicly traded search firms, and which companies appear to be succeeding.

Local Search Part 3: Google Gets Local With AdWords
SearchDay, Oct. 28, 2003

Google’s new regional targeting feature for AdWords lets advertisers target their ads to any of 210 specific local regions in the US. Third part of a continuing series on local searching.

Amazon Debuts New Book Search Tool
SearchDay, Oct. 27, 2003

‘Search Inside the Book’ allows you to search the full-text of more than 33 million pages from over 120,000 printed books.

Search Headlines

NOTE: Article links often change. In case of a bad link, use the publication’s search facility, which most have, and search for the headline.

Microsoft seeks deal with Google
MSNBC Oct 31 2003 1:39PM GMT
Non-English Search Tool Takes the Web World Wider Oct 31 2003 1:33PM GMT
At Yahoo Creative Summit, A Plaintive Plea For Media
Media Post Oct 31 2003 1:01PM GMT
Jupiter Research Study Finds Overture Outscores Google
Media Post Oct 31 2003 1:01PM GMT
Google’s Ticker Treat
Motley Fool Oct 31 2003 12:46PM GMT
Yahoo kills off paid-for video Oct 31 2003 11:20AM GMT
Microsoft and Google: Partners or Rivals?
New York Times Oct 31 2003 4:51AM GMT
To Place Ads, Google Searches For Best Bidders
Yahoo Oct 31 2003 3:10AM GMT
Microsoft Bided Time for MSN Revamp
Internet News Oct 30 2003 10:10PM GMT
Is Google Letting the Bad Guys Win? Plus, Copyright Law and SEO
High Rankings Oct 30 2003 7:24PM GMT
What’s Google Really Worth?
Business Week Oct 30 2003 3:25PM GMT
Espotting boosts client base but loses Yahoo
Netimperative Oct 30 2003 3:11PM GMT
LookSmart: Determinedly Second-Tier, Exploring Options Oct 30 2003 3:08PM GMT
Google fights for top spot
Guardian Unlimited Oct 30 2003 1:22PM GMT
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