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Lifetime Value of PPC?
Search Engine Watch Forums
“For most keywords, and in most markets, it’s probably unnecessary (you just find keywords that are profitable and if you get the LTV on top of that even better), But how about competitive markets?”

Which Do You Choose? CTR or Conversion Rate?
Digital Point Forums
“I have about 5 ads running right now in the same ad group and some of them have better CTR rates than others, but by the same token some have better CONVERSION rates than others. Do I get rid of (pause) the ads with the higher CTR or those with the higher conversion rate?”

Is Usability Part of the New SEO?
Cre8asite Forums
“I believe Usability is even more important than SEM, so I don’t know how it fits as a part of the SEM world. You’ve really got to acknowledge that they’re all part of a bigger topic, which is ‘holistic Internet marketing,’ or words to that effect.”

Is It Worth Reporting Spam Sites to Google?
Search Engine Watch Forums
“When we send out press releases via PRweb, we get some decent exposure, but the vast majority of the sites that pick up the release are spam, MFA sites. Is it worth reporting these ridiculous spam sites to Google?”

AdWords is Breaking the Most Fundamental SEM Rule
Webmaster World
“AdWords is showing our ads for searches done on keywords on which we are not bidding. It’s the equivalent of searching for something like ‘sandals,’ and then Google shows an ad for bathing suits.”

High CTR Doesn’t Always Mean Better Conversions
Digital Point Forums
“While CTR and conversion rates can be related, I’ve not seen this play out in the real world with any degree of statistical relevance.”

Which CMS is Better to Get Good Rankings in Search Engine
Webmaster World
“There is no CMS that is going to help you in the search engines. What you are looking for is one that does not hurt you.”

SEO Guarantee Blues
Site Point Forums
“Lately I am losing some clients because I don’t offer a ‘money back guarantee,’ whereas some of my competitors in my city do.”

Wikia to Launch Search Engine Soon?
Search Engine Watch Forums
“Wikia has been making more search engine noises. Jimbo Wales spoke at the Commonwealth Club last night, and hinted that some announcement regarding Wikia search is coming at the open source conference in late July.”

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