SearchDay: Microsoft Feels Out Social Network Acquisition

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Search Engine Watch Expert - Eric Enge
The Top 3 Reasons PPC Lead Gen Campaigns Miss Volume Targets – Part 2
» BY THE NUMBERS: Understanding Web Analytics and ROI
Knowing how to analyze keywords using a waterfall analysis can give you a great deal of insight into what’s happening with your campaign, and bring a sharp focus to the nature of the opportunities available to you.
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Search Engine Watch Expert - Kevin Ryan
100 Million Theoretical Dollars
» SEARCHING FOR MEANING: Industry oversight, insight, and best practices
In a recent episode of South Park, the characters set out to create a viral YouTube video to earn their millions. While you’re waiting for 100 million real dollars, capitalizing on the connection between traditional placement and search can be as easy as lip-syncing Romanian dance music.
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About Face(book): Microsoft Feels Out Social Network Acquisition
Posted by Nathania Johnson
Though Bill Gates was out there telling people Microsoft is not interested in making non-Yahoo acquisitions right now, word comes that Microsoft bankers have sent “feelers” to Facebook about a full acquisition.
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Scorned Lovers: Microsoft Takes Some “Me Time;” Jerry Yang Stays Put
Posted by Nathania Johnson
Microsoft and Yahoo are officially “off again” and their mutual friends are trying to decide who to side with.
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Google – Clearwire: WiMax Paves Internet Autobahn
Posted by Kevin Heisler
The Internet search giant has joined a group of blue-chip corporate investors in the new Sprint-Nextel bailout of Clearwire — a move that will save WiMax and further Google’s innovations in mobile search.
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Google Sees 79% European Market Share in March 2008
Posted by Nathania Johnson
A whopping 79% of searches were conducted on Google in the month of March, according to comScore. No wonder European regulators are so wary of a Googleopoly.
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Google to Internet, FCC, Verizon and Viacom: Keep it Open
Posted by Nathania Johnson
Google has been busy on the legal, tech and policy front lately, and there’s a primary theme running through all of their pursuits: Google loves wide open spaces.
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Spot Runner Raises $51 Million in Funding
Posted by Nathania Johnson
A European newspaper company, Mexican TV company, and luxury goods manufacturer have joined the slef-service ad provider’s investors.
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Bryan Eisenberg Giving Keynote Presentation at SES Toronto
Posted by Greg Jarboe
Bryan Eisenberg, co-founder of Future Now Inc., will be giving the keynote presentation at SES Toronto on Wednesday, June 18, 2008.
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Joomla and Drupal
Posted by savantcreative
Does anyone have experience with Joomla or Drupal? Which is easier to use and optimize for someone who knows HTML and CSS only?
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301 Several Pages to One Page?
Posted by fspezia
I have a number of old, unimportant pages and I am wondering if it would be a good strategy to redirect them all to the same page, or each to its own new page.
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PPC/Natural Split
Posted by MattUK
In my experince the split between searchers visiting a natural result and a PPC result in Google is around 60/40 or more in favour of natural search. However on a site that I’m monitoring, Google analytics seems to showing a far superior number of visitors from the PPC listsings on keywords that are both listed in the top 1 or 2 results.
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