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How Expanded is Yahoo Advanced Match?
Search Engine Watch Forums
“We have been noticing large increases in impressions (and clicks from that) but a major decrease in conversion percentages. I had thought Yahoo was now using expanded match similar to Google – did a search and found little info on whether this was the case.”

ECommerce SEO
Cre8asite Forums
“Is there a certain way to optimize an ECommerce site? Considering content is huge, and ECommerce sites don’t generally have a lot of content, what else can I do?”

Your 10 Rules to Follow to Ensure Usability
Cre8asite Forums
“I was wondering members views on what their 10 definite rules would be to ensure, or at least strive for, good usability. I’m not talking about Nielsens heuristics etc, I mean 10 (current and relevant) easy to follow, actionable points that the general developer could follow.”

How Long for Links to Take Effect?
Small Business Ideas Forum
“As of Summer 2007, is there a consensus as to how long search engines take to recognize and reward links?”

Matt Cutts Giving Out Clues
High Rankings Forum
“Matt’s posted a thread on his blog where he’s asking us to vote for features we most want for Google Webmaster Tools. One of the proposed features would tell the webmaster which pages on their site don’t validate. Why would Google have that information? Are they validating pages just for the fun of it?”

Does Personalized Search Threaten Local Search?
Webmaster World
“The nature of Local Search means both the business type and location have to be correct for an advert to be relevant, personalization seems to put this relevance under threat.”

Wrapping Text in Description Lines 1 & 2
Search Engine Watch Forums
“What have your experiences been with click-thru rates and wrapping one statement from Description Line #1 into Description Line #2? Or do you try to maintain two separate statements in the two distinct Descriptions?”

Is Social Networking a Threat to Your Security?
Cre8asite Forums
“Do you worry about people stealing your identity because of social networks? Are you extra cautious about what you say online?”

My Own AdWords Team
Webmaster World
“A rep at Google has let me know that I now have my own AdWords team of experts to help me out. I am happy running things on my own but wonder if there is anything I should ask about or look out for.”

Wordtracker vs. Myself
High Rankings Forum
“I’d like to know if there are ways to conduct keyword research myself — without using Wordtracker. I sometimes wonder if companies like Wordtracker are compiling their keyword results from queries by publishers like me who use their service?”

Biggest Changes in the Last Year or 18 Months
Cre8asite Forums
“What do you think have been the biggest changes in SEO over the last year? Just scratching the surface, it does seem that the search engines are harder to game, and content really is the all-important factor.”

The Effects of the Presence of Advertising on Human Experience
Webmaster World
“Does the presence of advertising transform a website or webpage?”

Search Engine Watch About to Become a Butterfly
Search Engine Watch Forums
“Search Engine Watch has always been the number one resource for Search Engine Marketing information, although perhaps seen as the ugly duckling in the industry. Well, it’s about to receive a facelift.”

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