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Google Buys Neven Vision to Boost Photo Management
Webmaster World
“Google plans to strengthen its Picasa photo management software and service with the acquisition of Neven Vision, a Santa Monica, California, company specializing in mobile photo search.”

Yahoo! Checkmate Lawsuit
Search Engine Watch Forums
“Details on how to request a settlement payment or opt-out have now gone out from Yahoo in the class action lawsuit over click fraud against it. What do you think?”

Google Talk Updated With New Features
Webmaster World
“At first I was sceptical of using GTalk through GMail. But I have found that the convenience of having IM and email all collected into one tab of my browser, PLUS the benefit of everything being indexed and searchable, makes GTalk a suprisingly viable IM solution.”

What 5 Areas…
Search Engine Watch Forums
“…would you first examine if you were asked to perform SEO on a particular web site and/or 5 areas you think have the greatest influence in SEO?”

Biggest Misconceptions People Have About SEO
High Rankings Forum
“We recently contacted some 20 of my web hosting clients (my other company is an ISP) trying to get inside people’ heads in regards to SEO. I could not believe what I’d discovered…”

Search Engine Bot Control
Cre8asite Forums
“…given how straining your database is on your server, I would put a captcha for every search. I know it’s inconvenient, but a good explanation would go a long way to alleviating any pain your visitors might feel.”

Hire A Blogger?
Small Business Ideas Forum
“If you have budget for advertising that includes a team to handle public relations (newspapers, radio, television) you might consider one more media called Internet that includes an expert on Blogging.”

Why Google Might “Ignore” a robots.txt Disallow Rule
Webmaster World
“What appears to happen is that as soon as you add a User-agent: Googlebot section, then Google starts indexing all the URLs that are not mentioned in that section, even if they are mentioned in the User-agent: * section.”

Importance of Fresh Links
V7N Forum
“I see a lot of older sites with awesome linkage dropping in the SERPs [search engine results pages”, and I think it it has to do with fresh links. Of my own sites, I see older sites drop in the SERPs if they don’t regularly get new, fresh links. Thoughts?”

Kanoodle & Moniker: What unique strengths and assets do they bring together?
Webmaster World
“With the kind of parking traffic Moniker has, this makes sense for Kanoodle so that they can make a more reasonable attempt at the PPC provider game. Yahoo and Google are already slugging it out for parking page traffic, because there is a LOT of it and it is pretty good quality with lower levels of fraud. The acquisition likely gives Kanoodle an entry point with decent traffic for once.”

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