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The Ones That Don’t Come Back
High Rankings Forum

“I just can’t take on a client that doesn’t know what they are doing or has a terrible model. I want them to succeed and if I can’t see a way to help them succeed, I just can’t throw my time and their money away.”

How Should Search Engines Protect Privacy?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“…what worries you on privacy? What are you afraid of? What would you like to see implemented?”

AdSense Updates Their Terms & Policies
Webmaster World

“AdSense updated their terms as well as their policies today. And here is your complete update and rundown of all the changes, and what they mean to you.”

New Domain for New Product Line
High Rankings Forum

“Cross linking is not necessarily a bad thing as long as you’re not duplicating content and not having two sites simply to trick the engines into ranking both well for the same search terms.”

Urchin 6, How do you like it?
High Rankings Forum

“…the part I love the most is where you can see which search engines and which search terms are bringing you revenue. That one little thing has helped me to better target some terms that I would have never thought of, and they’re search terms that convert very, very well.”

Site Targeted CPM Ads Negative Impact
Webmaster World

“Basically our algorithm looks at your page and the overall eCPM it’s generating. If there’s a CPM [cost per thousand” advertiser who has targeted your site and is bidding more than your current eCPM, then we display their ads. So, you should only see an increase in earnings because of CPM ads.”

What Degrees Or Professional Backgrounds Do SEO/SEMers Have?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“There’s still no BA in search marketing. With the industry so young, most have come into it from other backgrounds. What were you in your old life, and does any of that help you now?”

Internet Archive Sued
Webmaster World

“The legal implications of a site’s robots.txt file are at the core of the case, but copyright issues related to caching are likely to come into play as well.”

Optical Character Recognition And Crawlers
High Rankings Forum

“OCR is being employed by Google in their push to scan all sorts of books from libraries and such. It’s something they’re interested in doing obviously. That’s completely different from what their spider can or can’t do though.”

Visitor Numbers Impact Algorithm, Search Engine Results Pages
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Measuring time has typically in the past been done by clickthrough, but can there be other newer methods? In this thread, members discuss if traffic/visitors to a site are factored into the search engine’s algorithm to make an effect on rankings.”

Interlinking of Related Sites
Webmaster World

“There is a stigma that the SEs [search engines” may frown upon networks run by the same person/company. Do you believe this to be true?”

Need Writing Strategies for Directories
High Rankings Forum

“I am beginning to plan for directory submissions for a site I’m designing and I’m trying to write copy with niche keywords for my directory descriptions.”

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Advertise (or Dont) on the Most Popular Terms Jul 18 2005 12:14PM GMT
Lycos revamps portal for tenth birthday
Netimperative Jul 18 2005 12:12PM GMT
Jeeves zooms in on search
Netimperative Jul 18 2005 12:10PM GMT
Become a Google Power Searcher
ClickZ Today Jul 18 2005 1:56AM GMT
Google’s Growth Prompts Privacy Concerns
htAP Jul 17 2005 9:40PM GMT
Yahoo Expands Behavioral Targeting
ClickZ Today Jul 17 2005 4:43PM GMT
MSN Search Toolbar rolls out more international versions
msnsearch’s WebLog Jul 17 2005 4:39PM GMT
Are your search engine strategies ready for the 2005 holiday season?
Pandia Jul 17 2005 4:37PM GMT
Flash Content Added to Yahoo’s Video Database
Search Engine Watch Jul 17 2005 4:25PM GMT
Schmidt on Information Industry (Video)
Google Blogoscoped Jul 17 2005 4:23PM GMT
Microsoft Officially Enters the Comparison Shopping Space
Comparison Engines Jul 17 2005 4:22PM GMT
Web services take differing paths on maps
International Herald Tribune Jul 17 2005 4:21PM GMT
Top Internet brands in June 2005: Yahoo, Microsoft, MSN, Google
ZDNet Jul 17 2005 4:39AM GMT
Yahoo Tailors Graphical Ads to Users’ Search Queries
PC World Online Jul 15 2005 12:45PM GMT
Yahoo cements UC partnership / Research lab to be established near
San Francisco Chronicle Jul 15 2005 12:39PM GMT

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