Search Engine Forums Spotlight – Jul 6, 2006

Links to the week’s topics from search engine forums across the web.

Google Checkout – Exaggerated Claims
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Google Checkout is making the rounds as well, but do you think this new service can stand up to its initial claims?”

eBay Bans Google Checkout Payments from eBay
Webmaster World

“eBay is banning sellers from requesting payment through Google Checkout. The online auction giant updated its Safe Payments policy this week to add Google’s new payment service, Google Checkout to its list of online payment methods not permitted on eBay.”

“Spam is an Arms Race” – Douglas Merrill/Google
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Having made the BBC, this story is getting a lot of play in the SEM community. What’s your take on it?”

Is There a Retention Strategy?
High Rankings Forum

“I’ve just discovered that I’m number two and three of page one in Google… Now I don’t want to be a one-week wonder – so what do I need to do to stay there?”

Are Subdomains Better or Worse Than Separate Domains?
Cre8asite Forums

“Are there advantages or disadvantages of subdomains versus separate domains? Is it the same story with Google, Yahoo and MSN? What do we really know on this?”

So Confused About 302 Redirects
Cre8asite Forums

“It seems that not many people have heard of a 302 redirect. I called up my current hosting company. They never heard of it and told me to call Google and tell them to keep my rankings the same.”

.edu Links
V7N Forum

“I have a chance to get a couple of .edu links from friends. I have a software site and they are studying completely unrelated topics. So I can get an edu link but from a history related page. Is that good? can it hurt?”

Are Outbound Links Rewarded?
High Rankings Forum

“If I link to several authoritative sites, and/or sites that naturally relate to my topic, can that add to my credibility as far as search engines go? For example, when you write a research paper, doesn’t your choice of references add weight to your work?”

A Guide to Keyword Analysis
Webmaster World

“… keyphrases are like products and all that applies to product management or product marketing applies to keyphrase management and keyphrase marketing…”

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