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SEW Expert - Tim Ash Tim

Landing Page Optimization — Insource or Outsource?
Landing page optimization and testing can lead to huge performance improvements across your online marketing programs. But how do you capture these gains? Should you outsource your testing program or “insource” it by doing everything in-house?
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SEW Expert - Kevin Ryan Kevin

Rehabilitating SEO — Part 2
Time is a precious commodity, especially for search marketers. Every generation of Internet tools and technologies have to pass through time-waster adolescence. As an SEO, you need to recognize where in the continuum you are. Besides that, SEOs can spend entirely too much time heading in the wrong direction, a fact that is the epitome of counter-productivity.
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Google AdWords Releases New Editor Guide
Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 3, 2008

The Google AdWords Agency blog has announced the release of a new guide for AdWords Editor, their account management tool. The guide is available as a 2 page PDF download. In it you’ll find tips for bulk editing, copying and pasting, error checking and exception requests, account performance evaluation, and collaboration. …
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Top 10 Videos on YouTube from SES San Jose 2008
Posted by Greg Jarboe Sep 2, 2008

SES San Jose 2008 was held just a couple of weeks back, but still gives us enough time to find out what topics the top 10 videos on YouTube from the event were about. Okay, so I only looked at the YouTube videos posted on the SESConferenceExpo’s channel — but that …
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Q Interactive Launches Display Ad Network with Predictive Behavioral Targeting
Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 3, 2008

Digital marketing firm, Q Interactive, has announced the launch of a display advertising network that offers predictive behavioral targeting. The service is powered by Q Interactive’s proprietary targeting technology, the TrueConversion Engine, and uses a combination of offline data and online self-reported geo-demographic, behavioral and transaction-based data to predict which …
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Google’s Picasa Launching Face Recognition Software
Posted by Frank Watson Sep 2, 2008

At noon in Mountain View, Google will announce the launch of face recognition software in their latest version of Picasa, according to The software will help people tag names to their photographs – handy for that odd face in a group shot you are not sure of. Now I wonder …
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Google OS Arrives, In the Form of a Browser
Posted by Kevin Newcomb Sep 2, 2008

Rumors of a “Google Operating System” have been around for a few years now, fueled by Google’s expansion into e-mail, analytics, desktop search, Web applications, pizza delivery…well, maybe not that. Today, Google has made a significant step toward becoming a Web-based operating system by launching a beta version of the open-source …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Is becoming a PPC only Search Engine? Sep 3, 2008
I have to admit I don’t often use Ask. It’s been a while since I’ve searched for something on it. :o I searched on Ask today, primarily because I’ve heard about their “askkids” search engine and wanted to see what it features. Found out this was very interesting, I still think they …
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Is there a way to find your organic average placement? Sep 3, 2008
I use Google Analytics to track my traffic and my site has received visits from Google (organic) from 176 different keywords, some I was surprised to seeâï¿Â½Â¦ My question is how or can I see where I placed in those searches? I am trying to find out if searchers are going …
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AdWords Quality Score – What’s in a Name? Sep 2, 2008
A lot! I’ve always felt a bit uneasy about the word “quality” in AdWords Quality Score, because the main component of QS is (Bid*CTR), and this is Google’s financial yield from an ad. Put another way, I could take one of my best performing ads, one which both I and Google …
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